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How to Homeschool in a One Car Household

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We’ve been homeschoolers for the past six years, but over the summer we had a completely new experience: homeschooling in a one car household. My husband had to take the van to work each day, so that meant I was stuck at home with four children under ten every. single. day.

I mean, we had been homeschooling before, but now we were literally home schooling. Honestly, the first couple of weeks were torture. I missed the daily break of taking the kids to the park, the library, or even the grocery store. The kids missed getting out of the house on a regular basis. As soon as my husband came home, I would sprint out to the garage so I could get in the van and escape the confines of the house.

Eventually, though, we learned how to adapt and we learned some valuable lessons along the way. If you have to homeschool in a one-car household, try the following tips to help you and your family continue to enjoy homeschooling.

How to Homeschool in a One Car Household - The Multi Taskin' Mom

Get outside as much as possible.

The absolute best thing to do if you’re a homebound homeschooler is to get outside as often as humanly possible. Now, I’m not an outdoorsy-type of woman at all. We have mosquitoes down here in the South and they come get me as soon I step out the door. But, all of us seemed to feel better after spending time outside. The kids argued less and played together much more nicely, and I felt calmer almost instantly.

Keep the kids moving.

If you’re stuck inside, try to get the kids moving whenever you can. We like to take “Brain Breaks“, which are little moments each hour when everyone gets up and does a physical activity.

On the days when I was just too tired to get everyone dressed and outside, I’d let the kids play an exercise video game on the Wii. Nickelodeon Fit is one of our favorites, but Nickelodeon Dance and Just Dance: Disney Party are good too.

See the world from your living room!

And, sometimes you just have to bring the world to you! Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to travel around the world. You can learn another language, tour a zoo in another country, or even learn how to make international cuisine right from your living room!

In our family, we’ve gotten to read books such as Hungry Planet: What the World Eats and Children Just Like Me to introduce our kids to children all around the world. Generally, after we read about a country or a region, we try to do an activity that relates to that area such as learning how to say a few words in a local language or watching a video about the people who live there. It’s a nice way to get out without leaving home. 🙂

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