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Homeschooling is Affordable and Completely Customizable

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Homeschooling is affordable and completely customizable. Is it really? When I decided to start homeschooling, I had no idea where to begin. I literally spent over $800 on curriculum our first year of homeschooling.

It has been really tough finding a curriculum for my 14-year-old son with ADHD. I was trying to find one that he not only understood and had the patience for, but also enjoyed learning it.

After our paying so much for curriculum in our first year, I decided that I’m not paying that much for curriculum ever again! It’s way too much! As a single parent I had to find something better!

When I decided I was not paying for curriculum anymore, I knew I had a huge undertaking to find free curriculum so these resources I’m sharing with you today are all resources I discovered on my journey of searching for homeschool curriculum for my son.

It’s so exciting to find free curriculum that my ADHD son understands, enjoys learning from, and they’re free!

Free Resources

Looking for free curriculum takes a LOT of work, but what I’m sharing with you will save you so much time on research. I’ve spent close to 100 hours searching all of the free resources I could possibly find…and I’m still finding more and adding to my list!

Now it’s so easy for me to find a lesson, worksheet, learning video, educational game, or anything else I need to enrich my son’s homeschool studies.

All I have to do is pull up my list of free homeschooling resources, click “edit” in the menu bar, scroll down to “find,” and a search bar will pop up so you can search for the keyword you’re looking for. If you’re looking for biology, search for it, check out the websites, and see what best fits your homeschool.

Unit Studies

Unit studies are now my absolute favorite way to teach my ADHD son. Have you discovered how much special education courses, programs, and curriculum costs for kids with learning difficulties? I would go bankrupt using some of the math and language arts programs out there for kids with learning difficulties. It’s astonishing to say the least!

After discovering what unit studies are, I decided to make my own and it has forever changed my homeschooling tactic. Unit studies have literally cut my homeschooling stresses (and homeschooling time) in half. They are basically all of your subjects combined into one short lesson.

For instance, on my freebies page, I have a Lewis and Clark unit study in which there’s a map to trace their route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean for your geography study. There’s a writing prompt, word searches, a vocabulary page, quizzes, and other pages to cover your language arts subject.

It’s also based on a really affordable book for your reading in which you can get it on Amazon for under $5 (the link to the book is in the reading lesson) or you can find it at your local library. It’s definitely a history lesson so history is covered. There’s coloring and drawing pages to cover your art curriculum, and much more. My son and I absolutely love unit studies.

Furthermore, if there’s a unit study that my son really wants to do and I don’t have the time (or energy) to whip up a unit study, I will be honest and say that I go to to get my extra unit studies. They’re very affordable and they always have weekly specials where unit studies are 25% off.

Finding Affordable Curriculum

Now, if you absolutely cannot find a free curriculum that fits your family’s needs, you can check out my Rockin’ Homeschool Deals Facebook page for discounts as well! You’ll find deals on curriculum, supplements, and other fun things to add to your homeschool. You’ll also get the updates on the weekly deals from Unit Study as well.

Customizing Your Curriculum

With the resources outlined in this article, it’s incredibly easy to customize your homeschool to fit your family’s needs. Don’t feel like you have to teach each subject individually or follow your typical public school schedule.

This is why we homeschool…to school how education fits our needs, schedule, and learning pace. There’s no right way to homeschool and that’s what makes each one of our homeschools unique! I hope this inspired to homeschool for free and affordably!

What did you think about this article? Was it helpful? Drop a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Thanks, everyone!

Your Minnesota Country Girl, Sharla

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If you’re looking for some guidance and resources on homesteading, gardening, or homeschooling, I’ve got you covered! You can find me at Minnesota Country Girl and I’m also on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram! Thanks for taking your time to learn more about MCG and I look forward to connecting with you!

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