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Homeschooling Is for High School!

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I’ve homeschooled for 27 years and thing that has remained consistent in the homeschooling community throughout that entire time is that homeschoolers get nervous when it’s time to think about homeschooling high school.

However, in today’s times, it’s easy (and fun) to homeschool during the high school years! So what makes it so great to homeschool high school?

First, you can customize the curriculum for your student.

The online world has exploded, and blended learning is genuinely the homeschool high schoolers secret weapon. Online education makes it easy for homeschoolers to pursue areas of interest and passions, adding a depth of knowledge that can’t be recreated in a public school setting. Your children will have time to read widely and then dive deeply into subjects that interest them.

We’ve known many homeschool high schoolers and graduates who have traveled extensively doing missions work in the country and internationally, in big cities and small villages, on medical and teaching and drama teams. This customized hands-on training is a valuable life experience, one that can’t be replicated in a classroom.

Also, if something isn’t working, you can change it. Not every student, or even every sibling, learns the same way. With homeschooling, we have the opportunity to teach the way our children learn best. Maybe you have a hands-on learner AND an online learner in your family. You can accommodate both of their needs by homeschooling high school.

Next, opportunities for electives have exploded.

On-line courses abound, both live and pre-recorded or self-paced. You can find OCW (Open Course Ware) from colleges and universities. YouTube and Ted Talks are also fantastic for high school students. The options are so numerous it’s hard to keep up with it all! At times electives can also be pursued at your local college or trade school. Learning opportunities are only limited by your ability to get out and pursue them.

(True North Homeschool Academy offers self-paced Culinary Arts, Gaming, 3-D Design, Forensic Science or Art & Design. You can check those out in our catalog.)

Technology allows foreign language and cultural studies to be up close and personal. For example, my daughter interacts weekly with her Hebrew language instructor. He is in Israel and we are in the upper north Midwest; worlds apart and yet uniquely connected. Fellow students will be traveling to Israel later
this year and plan to meet the Rabbi on their travels. The world just got smaller and more accessible!

Homeschooling during high school is growing in popularity, and with this growth comes more opportunity!

Today, there are camps that market specifically to the homeschooler. Some of these include TeenPact, Summit Ministries, Patrick Henry Camps and more. Don’t overlook local offerings! My kids have been heavily involved in Theater and Shakespeare for years, thanks to local enterprising moms with vision and talent.

And if you are worried about college credits and what’s beyond High School, take heart. Here, too, opportunities abound. Many states offer very inexpensive dual enrollment credits, many of which can be completed online. Post High School programs such as Apprentice University and Praxis offer kids fantastic life skills, job training, and opportunities for networking, all while allowing the kids to work while schooling and graduate debt free and skill rich.

Also, homeschool high school help is available right at your fingertips.

You can outsource classes that you are insecure about teaching, or that you simply don’t have time for. Furthermore, if your High Schooler is struggling, help is easy to find. Google is an excellent source of information, and if you are still struggling, you can find academic advising or consultation.

Online support groups also abound! For example, our group, Help Homeschooling High School is a great place to find wisdom and encouragement. We share curriculum, resources, great jokes, and support. You aren’t doing this alone!

More than anything else, homeschooling high school affords us more time with our kids before they launch into the world as independent young adults. Relationships built during this high school years are priceless! The days may be long, but the years are oh so short. Homeschooling High School allows us to enjoy that precious time with these amazing young people whom we love so much.


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Lisa Nehring has homeschooled for over 25 years and believes that “Education is the transmission of culture.” She is committed to bringing a culture of Truth, beauty and goodness to fellow homeschoolers through her on-line program, True North Homeschool Academy, which provides live on-line and self-paced courses, testing, a K-12th Special Needs program, community , and more!

Lisa teaches, writes (her latest e-books are “Celebrate Sukkot!” and “The 5 Common Topics: Take your Homeschooling from Common to Extraordinary!”) and speaks on a wide-variety of topics focused primarily on the concept of intentional parenting and developing vision.

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