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Homeschooling Is Full of Adventures

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Do you ever stop to contemplate the grand homeschooling adventure you and your family have embarked upon?

Just like Jacques Cousteau dived into the sea to discover the world beneath the surface and uncover it’s riches or like Captain Cook who embarked up on a voyage in search of an a new continent, your family is undertaking the grandest adventure.

Seeking, exploring, and gaining knowledge about the world we all live in. Education is arguably the greatest adventure of them all! In fact, homeschooling is filled with many mini adventures.

Just like any great adventurer, you begin with a vision.

Your journey starts with an idea of what you would like your family’s education to look like. What you would like your children to learn about and how? Perhaps you and your kids even have set goals that you wish to achieve, just like the mountain climber aiming to reach the summit.

The next stop on your way to the summit is planning.

When I first decided that I wanted to homeschool my children, the first thing I did was to read booksn and scour the internet trying to figure out how exactly it would work. The second step on the homeschooling adventure was to seek advice from those who have walked the homeschooling path before.

Setting out to gather as much information as you possibly can. Just like the Olympic runner who spends time learning about the greatest athlete in history and the methods they used during training to get them those gold medals.

That research arms you and your family with the knowledge you need to plan out the route you intend to take to give your children the best possible education.

Then comes the literary adventures.

Before you even began homeschooling your children, I am guessing that you enjoyed some  wonderful read alouds; picture books and maybe even chapter books with your kids. As we all know, those pages are filled with some of the world’s grandest adventures.

Your kids will have explored Wonderland with Alice, sailed to the island of the wild things with Max or uncovered unusual planets and their inhabitants along with The Little Prince.

There are adventures of a non-fiction nature too, such as the expedition Darwin took to the Galapagos Islands. Or Thomas Edison’s trials to reach his most famous scientific discovery.  Don’t forget the life of Walt Disney and his climb to the top of the motion picture world. Not all adventures are those that exert physical energy but also mental and creative energy too.

Books can take your children along side some the greatest names in history. See how they were educated, how they fell in love with learning. As a result, your children will gather information for their own adventures and get excited about what’s to come.

What about the field trips you take?

If you’re lucky, you may get to go on a homeschooling adventure far and wide across the globe with your children. Yet there are adventures to be taken closer to home as well. There are zoo’s, botanical gardens, marine centers and even behind the scenes visits to fire stations, police stations and other places of work.

How about the local museum? Your children will discover the lives of the people who lived in the town many years before you arrived. Take an adventure into their homes and work places. See the tools they used and rediscover what life would have looked like for young child back then too.

This year our family has even taken week long boat trips together to explore and enjoy the red sea and we really did climb a small  mountain!

Virtual field trips are a chance for your children to learn about the geography of the world and people within it. Though books, videos, maps and music, so far M and A have explored, Egypt, Africa, Australia, Russia and The Antarctic! With the resources we have available to us these days, there is no limit to the amount adventures your children can choose from.

The Act of homeschooling is a great adventure in itself!

A dictionary definition of an adventure according to Oxfords online dictionary highlights just how much of an adventure homeschooling is “an unusual and exciting or daring experience.”


Well, even though the homeschool community is growing, educating children at home currently goes against societies norm. It is definitely considered amongst many as an unusual choice.


I know I was excited when I started this journey and even now the topic of homeschooling generally sends me into passionate spin. Talking about it with almost everyone we met and try not to over bear my friends with all I have to say on the topic. I guess that’s why I write it all down for all of you instead!

Seriously though, what can be more exciting than watching your children learn, grow, develop and become engrossed in their discoveries of the world right before your very eyes. Each challenge they will overcome, each achievement they will make and every fun project we get to tackle together is exciting.


I’d say it was! You brave your undertaking of the task at hand in face of all those concerned voices telling you that homeschooling is a crazy decision. There is the faith you have in your knowledge, skills, ability and most of all patience to home educate your children.

It is daring to trust the process of which ever method you’ve decided to follow; not knowing for sure the outcomes for each of your children.

Although we all know that homeschooling can be successful and we have seen examples of the greatness it can bring out in individuals time and time again, there is always a part us (the part that wants nothing but the best education for our children), that worries whether we have made the right choices.

Homeschooling is can be an unusual, exciting, daring venture but the payoff is huge!

Just like when the mountaineer envisions finally reaching the top of the mountain, when the diver envisions uncovering an undiscovered reef or the Olympian sees in his mind’s eye the moment he finally grasps that gold medal, the home-school parent knows their adventure will be worth it!

Amber is the author of She currently lives in Egypt with her husband and two beautiful little boys. There are two things she is extremely passionate about: homeschooling and learning through literature. Their family follows an eclectic, interest led approach to homeschool; with tons of reading, writing and discussion thrown in.

Their days are filled with classic literature, family read alouds, experiments, field trips, hobbies and pursuing other subjects that spark our curiosity. Amber strongly believes that all children deserve to receive a personalised education. Through sharing examples of her families personal homeschool journey, she aims to inspire and encourage other parents to overcome some of the challenges that homeschooling presents us all with.

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