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Homeschooling Is Teaching Me as Much as My Children

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Homeschooling Is…Teaching Me As Much As My Children

I thought homeschooling was about my children and that my part was to help create an atmosphere where they loved to learn and would discover who they are through learning. But, I soon found out that homeschooling wasn’t just about my children; in fact, homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children.

There’s a patient process

When it comes to learning, some children can go with the flow and are easy on themselves (perhaps too easy at times), while others have a more difficult time with this. My daughter is the latter.

She’s hard on herself from the minute she’s learned a new concept, as if she expects to have mastered it already. But, she then quickly finds out through her tears (and I find out through my tender mama heart) that learning is a patient process.

Your kids may not get a concept they’re learning at first, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a good teacher, the curriculum’s not working like it’s supposed to or that something’s wrong with your child’s ability to understand.

Being patient with your kids will foster a softer and gentler homeschooling environment where they will want to learn, feel cared for and loved. Your children are people, not robots or textbook learners.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children that patience is part of the learning process; nothing happens overnight.

Show yourself some kindness

As a homeschooling mom, you can feel frustrated and even defeated when things don’t go according to plan.

Some days, your kids just aren’t into the things you have planned. They may take 10 minutes goofing around, instead of doing their work. Or you need to do an extra 15 minutes of examples and explanations to get through math.

Or maybe it was another 15 minutes of requested read-aloud. Perhaps, nothing happened and it turned out that the amount you had planned just couldn’t get done in a day.

When things don’t go as planned, what do you do? Do you choose frustration or do you let it go and show yourself some kindness?

I believe we teach our children to let some things go forgetting that we need to do the same. Not everything is important on the plan when things don’t go to plan. And while it doesn’t go to plan, maybe there’s an oh-so-needed conversation that’s important to have with your children.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children not to be so hard on ourselves and show ourselves some kindness.

Take a break

It does wonders to take a break.

We know this with our kids. When they’ve been sitting for too long, or there’s excessive fidgeting, and focus is out the window, a break might be in order.

How many times do you give your kids a break, but don’t allow yourself one? Instead we go from homeschooling, to social media notifications, to the laundry, meal planning, back to homeschooling, volunteer over here, drive to this lesson over there… it’s a lot!

Although a long break is nice, it’s not always needed. A short break can even change the atmosphere of the day as you recharge yourself.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children that breaks are necessary and good for everyone!

There’s always room to learn

I’m finding that as I’m teaching my kids, I too, am learning and loving it!

Anytime we can find an opportunity to help our kids learn about something, we do. Whether it’s educational, character-based or otherwise, there’ so much to learn. As I’m teaching my kids or helping them, I’m finding light bulb moments for myself and it’s so enjoyable.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children that there’s always room to learn.

A different road is okay… just don’t give up!

You’ve bought the curriculum; you’ve planned, got all things ready and now it’s time to carry it out. And it’s not happening.

Your child is in tears breaking down because they just aren’t understanding. You’ve spent time researching feeling confident about the curriculum you’ve finally chosen.

What do you do? Where do you go from here?

We teach our children not to give up when it’s tough and to try again. Even if in the end it’s not working, the timing itself may not be right, or a different curriculum is the fix. Whatever the case, we don’t give up.

The beauty of homeschooling your children allows you to remove the pressure of learning something right at that moment. A big thing we need to overcome as parents is not fitting our children into a textbook.

We get to gently talk with them about their struggle and what’s making them feel inadequate, or what they’re not understanding. We get to be their biggest cheerleader, while taking a slower or different approach.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children that we never give up, but maybe we need to take a different road to get there – and that’s okay.

Let go of control

“God can do things that you can’t”, wrote my 6-year old daughter.

I suddenly felt softer when I knew that the Holy Spirit had inspired her to write those words for our family as a declaration for the year.

We teach our kids to trust in God, to pray when they feel worried or unsure about something. As part of their homeschool, we give them scripture to copywrite and recite knowing that it’ll help develop their personal relationship with God.

We also talk about God’s plan for their lives – how it’s bigger and better than they could ever imagine. But sometimes we stray from what we teach our kids, finding ourselves in a desert place, alone and lost about what to do.

Instead we work things out in our minds of how homeschooling and raising our children should go relying on our own strength. Doing anything without the Lord is tough.

Homeschooling is teaching me as much as my children to trust in God, let go of control and rest in Him.

To help you to surrender your family and homeschool endeavours to the Lord, with strategic prayer focuses each day for 30 days, I’m offering you My Homeschool Prayer Journal [FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME]. Allow the Lord to lead and guide your homeschool steps while experiencing His power and grace through intentional prayer.

Anchored in Jesus,

wildly anchored faith family homeschoolMelanie is a homeschool mom to 2, living in Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about encouraging homeschool moms who are just like her – unqualified to homeschool, yet called by God to do it. Melanie loves coffee, worship music, and the mountains. You can find resources, printables and more from Melanie at Wildly Anchored, and you can connect with her on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


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