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Homeschooling Is the Best for Special Needs Families

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Special needs families have a variety of challenges that are different from typical families. Most families enjoy extra curricular activities like sports and school events.  It’s easy for them to make time for family by scheduling around or using these events to make family memories. A strong family bond is easily attainable for typical families. Special needs families don’t get that luxury.

Special needs parents are always on duty, 24/7/365. Attending to their child’s many needs is a full time job. On top of that, they have to take into account sensory, medical and social needs. Family time often gets pushed to the back burner because of  various therapies, constant medical needs and the need to get some respite from being constantly on duty.

Homeschooling opens up a whole new realm of familial possibilities. You would think it would add to the stress with everything else. Believe or not, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

Homeschooling is the Best Choice for Special Needs Families

Homeschooling allows special needs parents to have more down time with their children. The pressure of therapy appointments after school hours plus homework is completely diminshed. This frees up the stress of trying to get everything done in a small amount if time. More importantly, this gives you time to grow as a family. Not having to plan your calendar around school hours will make family dinners easier, game nights plannable, and family outings can become a regular occurrence.

Here in Autismland, family time is sacred. It’s important, despite autism, that we grow and experience things as a cohesive unit. This cohesiveness makes the autism rising days seem manageable.  Homeschooling has enabled us to eat our large family meal at lunch instead of dinner. This choice has enabled us to adopt a 2nd/3rd shift schedule around Dad’s work schedule. Homeschooling meant that we could go on outings together as family instead of not at all or with just one parent.  We have been able to set lessons aside to work on family problems or to experience things as a family.

Sure, there are sacrifices to be made when homeschooling your child with autism.  Let’s face it, there are sacrifices to be made by every parent, regardless of disability. Homeschooling is no different.  When you put family as a priority, all the sacrifices will seem worth it.  A strong family bond will produce benefits that are unattainable solo. It will take you out of survival mode into thriving mode. Homeschooling is the perfect choice for families with special needs to make that happen.

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