I am betting that the moment you decided to homeschool your children you had a vision of what homeschooling would be. You probably thought that it would be endless days of sitting with your children, reading great books, and enjoying life.

Most days, homeschooling is nothing like what we had imagined. Some days it is better and some days it is worse.

Join in as 31 homeschooling families share what homeschooling is for them and their families!

Each day we will share an encouraging post that gives a glimpse into what homeschooling is for our families!

You will see:

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  • Encouragement from moms who are in the trenches with you.
  • Support for the hard days!
  • Community to show you that you are not in this alone!

Find out what homeschooling is  . . .

Each day we will be adding a new post to this series! Make sure to check it out and be encouraged. You should know several of these posts contain limited time freebies. So, don’t miss out!!

Homeschooling Is Cheap

New homeschoolers often wonder about the cost of homeschooling. Many people are under the assumption that homeschooling is expensive! That can’t be further from the

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Homeschooling Is for High School!

I’ve homeschooled for 27 years and thing that has remained consistent in the homeschooling community throughout that entire time is that homeschoolers get nervous when it’s

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