homeschool mom teaching language arts to child

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How to Teach Language Arts and Not Lose Your Sanity

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Teaching our children is hard enough when we remember the lessons we are trying to teach them. But what happens when you have to teach your children lessons that you do not remember from your own days of schooling? For me, that would be teaching language arts in our homeschool. (And math, but we aren’t talking about that today.)

I honestly do not remember a thing from language arts lessons from elementary or middle school. I use to jokingly say that everything I learned, I learned in high school. Sadly, I think it is  true. That is why when it comes to harder subjects to teach, I need easier ways of doing so. That is why I am thrilled to share my review of our new language arts program with you. Note that I was given product in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own, because lets face it, I can’t read minds!

homeschool mom teaching language arts

When we set out for our new school year plans I knew I would need something that would allow me to be more hands off. Our course is wonderful, solid, and well made. I just had a horrible time teaching. And, let’s be honest, if the homeschool mom can’t teach, the students are not going to absorb the lessons. My daughter suggested finding something that was more worksheet based and easier for them to do on their own.

How to Homeschool Language Arts and Not Lose Your Sanity

Can you guess what my answer is? Don’t! Don’t teach it. Instead find a curriculum that helps you and your children go through each of the different elements of language arts (grammar, reading, punctuation) and learn together.

This year my children and I are using Evan-Moor Language Fundamentals and Skill Sharpeners Grammar and Punctuation

I cannot begin to tell you how much weight this has lifted from my shoulders.

You see, homeschooling your children shouldn’t be a burden. Instead it should be a fun journey that you embark on each day. When we try to use shiny curriculum that everyone else is raving about, but we struggle with, it makes our homeschool journey near impossible! 

How to know if you need a curriculum change?

  1. If you are burnt out and no longer want to teach your children.
  2. If your children beg to take the day off from their school work.
  3. When your children cannot answer simple questions from the lessons they had the week before.
  4. Ask your children how they feel about the curriculum. If they aren’t enjoying it, it may be time to change.
  5. Ask yourself how you feel about your curriculum. If you don’t enjoy teaching it or are struggling, it is time to change.

homeschool mom teaching language arts to child

Why I love our new curriculum

  • It is open and go!
    My kids are able to open their workbooks each day and do their lessons. There is almost no prep work at all. That makes it super simple for both them and me. I understand the importance of teaching language arts, but it isn’t something that comes naturally. Having simple, open and go lessons is imperative.
  • It has an answer key!
    I did tear these out of both of the books, of course. 😉 So after my kids get done with their lessons they swap with one another. Then we go through the answer key together and grade their work.
  • We combined lessons.
    My daughter is in the 8th grade and my son is in the 6th, this year. But I knew that they both need a better English language arts foundation, especially my daughter before entering high school grade classes. I am using the grade 6 book with both of my children for ease of teaching, and because that is as high as they go.
  • It is super colorful.
    There is nothing wrong with black and white textbook teaching, but my children have been so bored the last two years they were begging for color. I was thrilled to hand these over!

See, teaching language arts in your homeschool doesn’t have to make you lose your sanity! Find a good solid program that works for you and your family and stick with it!

Get Yours!

If you are like me, you are ready to ditch your stuffy curriculum and try something easier and more fun this year. Go grab your copies and see if it helps you and your sanity!

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