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It’s All Presidential Coloring Book

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Young children love to be included in school work. It is often times hard to find things that they can work on, though.

If you can incorporate fun and learning, along side the lessons your older children are doing, you have gold!

That is why I put together this It’s All Presidential Coloring Book.

This coloring book is the perfect companion for the It’s All Presidential Research Guide, that your older children can work through. 

But do not limit this pack to young children! If your older children want to learn about the presidents this is a great add-on for that as well!

Some benefits of coloring books:

  • Releave stress
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Helps with PTSD
  • Focuses your mind
  • Helps with tension
  • Sparks creativity

This pack includes:

Over 40 pages to color!

  • Black and white outline of each president in order of their term
  • Traceable Name of each president to color
  • Accents to go along with the presidents such as the eagle, flag, and US States

Don’t forget…

Use this along with our It’s All Presidential Research Guide

Our brand new resource, It’s All Presidential is here to help you and your children break free of the monotonous social studies and history blues!

It’s All Presidential , enables your child to work independently! It frees them, and you, from the boring course work and dry text book learning we are all accustom to.

Get your It’s All Presidential Coloring Book NOW!

This coloring book is available right now for free!!

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