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Leap Frog – Review

We have all heard of the Leap Frog brand of products. The include great learning electronic toys including the LeapPad
and the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer . But did you know that there is a new line of products from Leap Frog that do not include batteries? It is true.

Leap Frog Paper Based Learning Products Review

Mega Brands, the company that brought you Mega Blocks, is now offering a full line of Leap Frog Paper Based Learning Products for your children that are just open and go. These products are great for children ages 3 and up and can be found in most major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and craft stores. The best part is that they are very affordable. The products range from $3-25 with most being under $5. Making them not only fun but easy on the pocket book. I am not sure about you but to me that is music to my ears!

We selected the K-1st products to review. Our package included:

We have used the Leap Frog electronic toys and DVD’s in our home since our children were babies, so I knew that these new paper products would be of quality but I had no idea just how great they would be. Upon opening the package we heard the Ooooo’s and Ohhhh’s from Nate. He was so excited to dig in. The first thing he grabbed was the Dry Erase Printing, Numbers, Math & Shapes. He sat down outside with his new ‘toy’ and got to work. Within minutes he said “WOW, mommy! I love this. It shows me where to start writing.” I have been trying for months to show this boy how to properly write his letters and numbers and this showed him in a matter of minutes.

Leap Frog Review

On the next school day we took out the math book. I was worried that it may be a bit above his head since he is starting in Kindergarten this year and is not as advanced in math as his sister was at that age. All my worries disappeared when we started the first page. The skills are spot on. He loves this book and is sitting beside me right now as I write this review working in it for fun. I love that the exercises are fun, colorful, and engaging. He loves that he gets a sticker on each page after he completes it! It is totally a win/win!

The same can be said for all of the products. They truly make learning fun and easy for children.

If you are looking for something different, fun and inexpensive for your children, let me recommend you try the Leap Frog Paper Based Learning Products. Not only will your children enjoy learning but you will enjoy not spending a fortune on supplements for them.  When shopping for these products keep in mind that they are not with the toys.  You can find them in either the arts and crafts section or the stationary section of your favorite large retailers.  Some may even have them in their back to school section.

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