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Minecraft Story Starters Vol. 2

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You asked for it!  I have had many requests for a Vol 2 of the Minecraft Story Starters and here they are!

Here are 10 new writing prompts featuring their favorite graphics from Minecraft.  

Minecraft Story Starters Vol 2

Use Minecraft in your homeschool!

Using Minecraft with your kids is a great way to get them excited to start their school work.  It brings in a familiar game and will help motivate them to be more creative.

This game can teach multiple things as your child plays. Things like different elements found in the earth. They will see that those elements have to be changed into other elements to create products. For instance they have to smelt iron ore to create iron bars. Then they use those iron bars to create weapons and tools to use in the game.

Offer creative writing!

These story starters offer a great launching point for creative writing. Creative writing is a great way for your children to build vocabulary and help with spelling and grammar as well.  You may decide to grade their creative writing or not.  Either way, these are sure to be a hit!

Grab yours today!

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Grab the first set of Minecraft Story Starters HERE today!

Minecraft Story Starters Vol 1 FREE


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