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Mom, you matter!

Working from home and homeschooling is hard.

It is a constant struggle to find a good balance between what you have to do for work, and what you have to do for your children. Throw being a wife and homemaker on top of that, and your head will be spinning.

I know this is overwhelming and that there will be days that you want to quit. You are not alone. Find a good support system: friends, family, and other homeschooling moms. Talk with your husband and make sure you are on the same page with your work and homeschool schedule. He may have some good insight and could be willing to help you out.

Mom, you matter.  - The Mult Taskin Mom

Most importantly, don’t forget that in the middle of this madness you matter! Mom, you are valuable and you are doing a great job. It may not seem like it today but I promise that if God is leading you, you will not be lost.

Homeschooling Day By Day, COMING SOON! - The Multi Taskin Mom

This post is an excerpt from my chapter HOMESCHOOLING & WORKING FROM HOME, from the upcoming ebook, Homeschooling Day by Day Learn more about this project.

This ebook is set to launch next Monday, August 12, but just in case you can’t wait that long, here are a few more “sneak peaks”:

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