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Mom’s Know It All, Right?

Please help me in welcoming a great guest poster today.  My sweet friend, Misty, from Simply Helping Him

Before actually becoming a mom you know it all, you have everything planned out, and you know you’ll handle everything better than other parents you’ve met along the way, especially your own parents.

I’m not sure why we think and feel this way, but at some point or another, and to some degree most future mothers deal with these thoughts and/or emotions.

Then our dream comes true, those little pink lines set our dreams into motion, and we realize our dream is really happening….

We’re going to be a mom….

Over the next nine months we pick out a name, a nursery theme, paint colors, decor, etc.

Most expectant moms will face the first difficult reality called morning sickness, and those us that don’t are “hated” by the previous. So if you’re one of the latter be sure you don’t mention that fact, just give your sympathies and move to a different topic. (Take my word for it….it’s by personal experience.)


Labor is not kind to all mother at some point, no matter how long, short, intense, or “easy” it was. It is painful and yet beautiful at the same time. It is here that reality really starts to set in…

“What were we thinking”, “I’m not ready to raise a child”, “No one told me there’d be this much physical pain”, “Where’s that man I’m gonna kill him, right now!”

Sound familiar?

All of a sudden a baby’s cry breaks through, and “magically” all is well. The pain is forgotten, hatred returns to love, and you vow to make all their dreams come true. It’s amazing how quickly such a tiny little package takes over your heart.

Upon arriving home exhaustion hits, the adrenaline rush begins to dissipate, and you desire to sleep. Yet, your tiny little on requests you to wake in the midst of a 30 minute nap. You strive to set up a schedule, but your little one doesn’t grasp the importance of such a thing. All they know is comfort is with you, where they’ve spent the last 9 months.

The beautiful nursery that you pictured laying your little one to sleep in peacefully doesn’t seem as important as sleep for you. So you begin trying out different methods and devices of sleeping arrangements for the baby. Swings, bouncy seats, vibrating cribs, co-sleeping, etc., etc., etc. Until finally you figure out what it is that helps your baby to sleep.

As you lay down to rest, thoughts begin to cross your mind. “What am I going to do?”, “I don’t know how to be a mom!”.

And you realize for the first time (with many, many more times to come) that you don’t know it all….in fact you know very little.

Then you pick up the phone…..and call….your mom….because she must know what the answers are…..

After all, she is a mom and mom’s know it all, right?





Misty is Joe’s Help Meet, and a stay at home, homeschooling mother of two wonderful blessings. We are raising our children in “Vacationland” and seek to raise our 3 children to love and serve the Lord throughout their entire lives. You can find me blogging about marriage, homeschooling and faith at Simply Helping Him.

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