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Moms, It’s Ok to Say No

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Every day we are faced with people asking for help…our husbands, our kids, extended family, friends, church family and more. Our already busy days are filled with requests to do more and we’re overwhelmed to the point of breaking down in the shower, while we’re walking the dog or crying silent tears on our pillows. We feel that we can’t say no because we should be able to do it all, we must complete every checklist, fulfill our husband and kid’s requests, help the new family at church get settled in and volunteer at the local community center. Yet, we long to have the freedom and ability to say no. To have a day off. Even just an evening to relax in our pajamas with ice cream while watching Hallmark would be nice. Still, we keep pushing on and saying yes to the endless requests that come our way because it’s right to say yes.

Moms, It's Ok to Say No

Is it truly always right to say yes though? Do we have to fulfill every request that comes our way? Is there no rest for the weary moms in the world? 

I’ve always been a yes girl. For years I’ve taken on the world, balancing plates that should have come crashing down at any moment. This year my life changed. My husband’s dream became our reality, it became our life. So, all of my yes’ have come to a screeching halt. Instead of saying yes, I’ve had to say no. A lot. To dreams of my own, to opportunities that I would love to have taken on, but I can’t do everything and this dream of my husband, it requires a lot of me much of the time.

While it was my husband’s dream that brought me to the place where I had to say no, I know that it was part of God’s plan to teach me that I don’t have to say yes to every. single. request. That I don’t have to feel guilty that I said no. I’ve found that there is peace in saying no sometimes.

Moms, it is ok to say no. You don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to feel guilty that you said no. Saying no brings peace to your life when you’re overwhelmed. If your plates are full, it’s time to empty them. God will provide someone else who can say yes to the things you need to say no to today. He will ensure that there are hands to complete the things that need to be done. Moms, you don’t have to do it all. It’s time to fulfill the specific calling(s) God has placed on your life and leave the rest of the things in His hands.




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