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Motherhood Season Change

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Over my years as a parent I have seen many changes in both myself and my children. Together my husband and I have endured many struggles while on this roller coaster of  operation parenthood. I have shed many tears. On the flip side I have also had many great laughs and proud moments as well. As a mother this to is par for the course. After all no one said motherhood was going to be easy right?


We are told that as long as we teach our children Biblical principles that we are doing what is expected of us. We also think when we enter motherhood that doing so is going to be easy. For a while as they are babies and toddlers they test their boundaries and we learn that things may be a little rougher that we thought. Get get a grip, we figure out what works with them and then they do the unthinkable…….They grow up shaking the very core of our being because in a blink of an eye you have those moments where you are scratching your head wondering what in the world do I do not.


It is during this growing and changing that we as moms face some of our greatest challenges. Our children start to develop new ideas that differ from our own. They start trying to discover what makes them different from the rest of the world that often times leads to bad decisions and choices. They seek to find their own identity no matter what we think about it. Or maybe they do but  the ability to achieve self gratification is far greater than dear moms pull at the moment.


Words will be spoken. Actions will be taken that will replace those moments that would otherwise be filled with laughter. It is at this moment we as moms realize things are changing. Our relationship is changing with our children. Yes our motherhood season is changing. We will be filled with thoughts of doubt. Maybe if I had done a few more devotionals with them during the day…Did I pray hard enough for them? What in the world do we do now?


I myself am facing this very season change. I found myself in tears thinking I just want my baby back. I just want my baby back. I watch my child’s choices unfold and have just thought to myself at times “wow I must have really missed the mark”. It was a moment of doubt that I was reminded of the parable of the prodigal son. His father was faced with his own son leaving home, making bad choices and then he was able to rejoice because his son came back home. He returned back to his teachings and the life he had been groomed for. (Luke 15:11-32).


If you are in this season with me know that you are not alone. If you are struggling with the changes know that again I am right there with you. However we have hope!! Our children may for a season turn against what they have been taught but they will return. Our words and teachings are still right there in the back of their minds.


Get yourself a group of prayer warriors, know that you have done your best and seek out God’s word to bring you comfort. And remember that even though things in this motherhood season are changing in the end we will be able to rejoice.


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,

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