My Character Matters


Are you having issues instilling good character traits in your children?

Let me help!

Character training does not have to become drudgery or nagging each and every day!  In fact, character training can be easy, with little hands-on guidance from you.

Introducing: My Character Matters

My Character Matters is a brand new character study written for students ages 8+.

This user friendly, self paced, curriculum is ready to use just as soon as you download! The only extra materials you will want to use are a dictionary and a Bible; however the Parent Guide includes everything that your student will need to complete their workbook.

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Get to know the curriculum:

Student Workbook:

The student workbook includes 30 character based lessons that your child can work through either along side you or independently. The repetition found throughout the study offers your students a chance to really grasp the concepts that they are learning.

Parent Guide:

The My Character Matters Parent Guide contains all of the teaching tips, guides, calendars, and answers in one spot. My goal was to make this curriculum as easy for you to teach as it is for your children to pick up on!

Flash Cards:

The My Character Matters Flash Cards are a great supplement to the program.  This set includes each of the elements in the workbook to really help bring home the concepts.  There is no hard and fast way to use these cards. It is totally up to you.  Use them for matching, memory, games, the list goes on and on. I suggest that you print on card stock and laminate for durability!

Activity Pack:

The My Character Matters Activity Pack is full of fun, engaging activities for your children to work through.


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