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Our New Favorite Curricula

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The brand new school year is well under way in our homeschool!

This is the first year that the kids and I have looked forward to Monday mornings in a very long time.

You see, we have started a brand new curricula this school year and it has made all of the difference.

For years I have pieced together different subjects from different publishers, insisting that I could find this and that to fit our school needs. Little did I know that the answer to our schooling woes would come in a box to review.

Several months back I was asked to send out an email for a company that I thought looked great and wanted to share it with you. When I got the text for the email and got to digging around I knew that I had to get my hands on this so that I could tell you all about it.

Our New Favorite Curricula

Teaching Language Arts and History has not been something high on my list of school to-do’s. In fact, it is one that I have really put off. I have not liked many of the programs we have tried and ended up quitting a few months in with little to know teaching time put in.

I know that Language Arts and Literature and History are very important subjects for any student.

When I opened up our brand new Language Arts programs for the year I was floored. Not only does this program teach grammar and punctuation, it teaches: art, geography, spelling, vocabulary, handwriting, and more!

Not only do we love their Language Arts program, their History is not to be missed! We work through 1 lesson 3 times a week. The lessons are not at all borning and dry. In fact each lesson has either an added on story, experiment, or recording. It is very engaging and keeps my children’s attention.

The Good and The Beautiful

When I first heard of The Good and The Beautiful I was intrigued to hear about their free Language Arts lessons on their sites. You never hear of a curriculum company allowing their materials for free. I had to check it out.

Once I looked at the printable products I knew I needed them printed and bound. I teach better that way. And I am learning my children do better with consumables.

Why we love it

It is easy to teach! Each lesson is laid out and ready to go. There is very little, to no, prep time. The lessons have the teachers text laid out like a script.

It doesn’t take hours. The lessons are not hours of work or spread over days and days. In the past we have used programs that were very intensive and required many hours of instruction. Often times those lessons would span over days and my children would become frustrated.

It is beautiful! Seriously, the illustrations in the language arts program are beautiful. It is full of great works of art and wonderfully written stories. Even my children, who do not enjoy reading heavy literature, are enjoying the lessons. The History program includes beautiful text, stunning imagery, and a fun board game.

It is flexible. While it does seem that the levels are based on grades, the reality of it is that you use placement tests to find the correct level for your children. My kiddos are in 4th and 6th grade this year and we opted for level 3. Both of my children can read very well but neither of them are great at spelling or with grammar. It is important to me to go back and cover the fundamentals that we have not grasped over the years and master those before moving on.

What you should know

The Good and The Beautiful is super cost effective. Their pricing is the lowest I have seen around. The quality that you get from that low price is second to none! When I say I love it, I mean it!

The Good and The Beautiful isn’t just language arts! Oh no! They are so much more. You will find all different subjects from History, Science, Typing, and more!

Final thoughts

My children and I have enjoyed this language arts program so much that we have also purchased the handwritng, history, and science units! The Space Science unit is out standing!

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