Stepping into the homeschooling world can be a tad scary. Thankfully I have learned some awesome things and want to pass them along to you.

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New To Homeschooling

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I have always admired homeschooling families they look like they have it all put together and figured out. Up until recently we have always sent our oldest to public school while I stayed at home with the younger three because they were just to young to be sent yet. Due to different things going on in our area, in my heart and within the school system  we no longer felt this was the right course of action for our family. Yet the whole process seemed so overwhelming.

Stepping into the homeschooling world can be a tad scary. Thankfully I have learned some awesome things and want to pass them along to you.



One thing that kept us from homeschooling is the fact that it is a scary, scary journey. After all you are deciding to take complete control of all your child’s learning needs. You can no longer complain that the school system is failing your child. This is were I always shut down. I was scared I would fail. Causing my children to fail and then they would forever live at home with me (although I must admit I kinda want them to stay home forever).


Of course then there was opposition on the extended side of the family. Because well when we decided that this was of course the right course for our family it caused mass confusion. Something like this has never been done on either side of our families. We had basically decided to go the path un-taken. This has scared our families. Yet, those who are closest to us understand all of our reasons why this was the best plan of action.


Picking out curriculum was another hurdle all it’s own. Luckily I have two great friends who have been homeschooling for a long time who were able to dig me out of my hole of desperation. One jumped in to provide comic relieve, while another one called me and walked me through the whole curriculum picking process. Of course it also helped that our local Christian bookstore has a homeschooling section with amazing staff willing to walk you through the process as well. I am pretty sure they smelled my fear and cared for me with kiddy gloves.


Finally there was the own planning process. As I sat in a sea of books I had no clue what I was doing. This is where I found my best friend. My Year Round Homeschooling Planner. It is like totally my best friend and rates way up there right beside my Blogging planner.The Year Round Homeschooling planner had everything I needed and helped me actually be able to make sense of everything I was doing!!


One thing I have discovered so far is that I can not accomplish this alone. I needed my friends stepping in and showing support. I needed people helping me pick out the curriculum and pointing me in the right direction. Am I still fighting off those feelings of doubt? Yep, every single morning. Yet, I know that I am doing what God has led me to do and I know that as long as I stay focused I am going to be ok.


If you are thinking of taking the jump into homeschooling do not let the voices in your head stop you. Rely on those who have been doing this for a while and above all make sure to do your own research.


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