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New Year, New Focus

Each New Year brings a new chance at change. It allows us an opportunity to reevaluate our goals, our commitments, and where we are in life.

Before the year ends I spend time in prayer and thought over my goals for the coming year. I do not typically commit to resolutions, instead I commit to a phrase or key word. Over the years I have picked many words that are relavant to the season of life I was in.

This coming year is no different.

2017 has been a year of disappointments, illness, financial difficulties, and set-backs. While I didn’t go through those valleys without being on some mountain tops, the negative of the year greatly outweighed the positive.

I am looking at 2018 through a new set of lenses. My desires and hopes for the new year are not lofty goals or big plans. Instead I have settled on a word that I prayed over and have found peace with…

2018 Will be a year of FOCUS for me

Focus is something that I have desperately lacked lately. I would even say that I have almost no focus.

I haven’t set or kept goals. My heart just hasn’t been in it.

That is why I want so badly to refocus myself this year.

Refocus Work

This coming year I plan to refocus my attention when it comes to work. For years I have been working from the time I wake up until when I go to bed. I move away from the computer to get our school work done and to work on feeding my family but that is it.

I rarely take breaks for family fun or outings with friends.

This has been damaging to my heart, family, and to my health. It cannot continue.

Refocus Family

As I mentioned before I spend far too much time working. The coming year I plan to spend much more time with my family.

I want to take breaks and do fun things as a family as often as possible.

One major change I would like to make this year is one week completely unplugged! I want to turn off the emails, the Facebooks, the messengers… all of it and spend time together!

Refocus Health

Living with chronic illness means that I really should be focusing on my health more than I do. Feeding 7 people each day means that I must find ways to cut budgets and serve quality meals to my family.

I also want to get moving more throughout my day. I am going to increase my step goal for each day and track them closely.

Just a few changes but some that I desperately need.

Refocus Home

OY! This house! I spend so much time in this seat that my poor home is sorely neglected. I must change this ASAP!

Having chaos around me, in our home, means that I have more chaos in my head and heart. It is not ideal for those of us with chronic illness to feel so stressed in their own homes.

This coming year it is going to be my goal to have a clean kitchen and living room each night before bed. I know it will help my day having a clean home first thing each morning.

Refocus Heart

This week I am going to put together a devotional basket to have at my desk. This way I can work through my devotions first thing in the morning before getting to work.

Having my heart focused on The Lord at the beginning of the day has to be good for the spirit!

So, I want to know… what are you doing this coming year to make it the best yet? Do you have health goals? Are you planning to save money through the year? Leave it in the comments so I can cheer you on!

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