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One Bright Monster – A Review

If you have followed along for any amount of time, you know that reading is S’s least favorite subject to tackle. Most days it is like pulling teeth to get her to read. When the opportunity arose to review a fun new book I gladly accepted. What would it hurt to try, right?! I was given a copy of One Bright Monster in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

One Bright Monster

One Bright Monster is a charming story about a monster named Sparky who lives in Monsterville with is family. Monsterville if full of all kinds of monsters with special talents. Sparky will soon be starting school and is not sure of his special talent. This is troubling because most monsters know their talent before they head off.

One Bright Monster Review - The Multi Taskin' Mom

This book is full of great illustration, easy to read words, and a very cute story line. The best part of the book is that it is incomplete. I am sure you are wondering why I think that is the best part, right? The books is incomplete because your child is expected to fill it in. There are math problems to solve, monsters to name, creatures to color, and more. S really enjoyed this part of the book. We worked through One Bright Monster over a 2 week span. S would read a bit and fill in a bit. Since S is not a huge fan of reading spreading the book out like that allowed us to have fun, read, and learn with the book without her feeling overwhelmed. Honestly there were a few days I had to make her stop. She really enjoyed filling in the book.

I really like how One Bright Monster is laid out. I appreciate the fact that children are allowed to write, draw, and color in it. For us that is a no-no. Having that freedom made it more appealing. I can see how this could be a problem for some children, though. It may set a precedent that you do not want to set. Bear in mind that if your children have trouble with boundaries these books may not be for you. They may go on a wild book coloring spree! That is why we are not doing this book with my N right now. I have a feeling it would make him think it is ok to write in books we do not write in.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope to be able to order more soon.

Get One Bright Monster

One Bright Monster is written by Stephanie Sisler with illustrations by Nicholas Holcomb. It is 35 pages long and full color. One Bright Monster is available on the website Creative Reading For Kids with the price point of $12.95

You can find One Bright Monster along with other great books – Mathews Monsters, Gravy On My Mashed Potatoes, and My Animal Alphabet. (right now they are on sale so it is the perfect time to grab your copies!)

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