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An open letter to a tired, work-from-home homeschooling mom

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Dear Tired, Work-from-Home, Homeschooling Mom,

You have been called to do something amazing.  I know there are days that it doesn’t seem like it.  There may be days that you want to throw in the towel and just move on.  I am sure there are days you want to load the kids up on that big yellow bus and wave them out the door.  Before you do that, let me tell you something…

What you are doing matters!

Right now it may seem as though you are the tail wagging the dog.  That the things you say and do are not getting through.  Don’t listen to those lies.  You are doing something amazing.  You are helping your spouse put bread on the table while being the #1 person in  your childs life.  You are the one who gets to see them when that math concept they have been working on finally clicks.  You are the one they get to come to when life gets hard.  You have direct say-so in the friends they make and the company they keep.  You, tired, work-from-home, homeschooling mom, are doing something that many mothers only dream about.

An open letter to tired, work-from-hom, homeschooling moms

Take a deep breath.  Soak this in.  This season will be gone before you know it and the messes will too.

My prayer for you, for all of us, is to find peace in our situation.  To see favor in what the Lord has blessed us with. To know that these are memories and moments that no one can ever take from us.  That we know in 5 years that each moment we spent in worry and in prayer was worth it.  I know it will be.

I know this is hard, but you can do it!  You can make it through.  Let me encourage you to find a good support system.  Surround yourself with friends and people who will lift you up.  See if you can find someone to take your children one afternoon a week so you can get caught up on either house work or your job.  In my experience it is hard to juggle it all.  Talk to your spouse.  I bet he is feeling the same stresses you are.  Maybe he has a solution that will work well for each of you.

I don’t have all the answers.  Heaven only knows that I wish I did.  Truth is, each day I find myself wondering what the heck I have gotten myself into, and each day I remind myself that what I am doing right here, right now, matters!  It is in the little details of life that we find the glory of our great big God!  He cares for you!  He loves you and he will never forsake you!

6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 ~ New International Version (NIV)

Sweet mom, know that you have a friend in me.

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