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Our 2018-19 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

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Each year before I begin our homeschooling year I sit down and plan out our curriculum choices for the year ahead. This year has been no different.

It is with careful consideration that I choose each program that we use. While I am not one to be ‘absolutely no common core’ or ‘absolutely no xyz…’ I do make sure that I do not disagree with their teachings. I just wanted you to know that up front! Now let’s get to it!

Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices

I combine a lot of our school work together, even though I have a child in 7th grade and a child in 5th. I find it easier to teach them together than to try to split my time between the two of them. More on how I do that to come.

My children have grown accustom to working independently on some subjects, such as math and reading. This is a big help when I am working on choosing what I will be using for the school year.

I am pleased to say that so far this year we have found some of the best curriculum I think we have found yet!


This is one subject that we do not combine. My children learn math at their own pace and there is a big gap in math from 5th to 7th grade. This year I chose a program that is making my life so much easier. I am no mathematician. We need all of the help teaching this subject around here. That is why this year we are using Teaching Textbooks 3.0.

I will have a full review of Teaching Textbooks on the blog soon but know that this program has been such a blessing to my family.

Are you interested in this program? They have a free placement test! You can also take advantage of their free trial.

Language Arts and Literature:

This selection should come as no surprise to those of you who follow along with us. We love what we used last year and are continuing on with it this year. We have chosen to use The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts and Literature 4.

We do combined learning for this subject. Both of my children need help with this subject and I have found that when we work together through our lessons they learn well.

I love that you can try out their Language Arts program for free! You can access all of them for free here.


We are super excited to be working through a few things this coming year in our Bible study. Curriculum choices fort his are not something that I just pick up. I try to weigh each product against where my children are spiritually. This year, I think I have the perfect fit!

The first product we are going through is The Life of Jesus from Lifeway. I am excited to see my children work through this and grow in truth about Jesus and the Bible.

After we work through that we will be moving on to Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors. I was not really taught how to pray well and feel that this book will help me teach my children to pray well from a young age. If you haven’t looked into this book I highly recommend it.


Again, we will be returning to The Good and the Beautiful for handwriting this year. I will also be working with N on his cursive. I cannot believe I have not worked with on this yet. Whoops!


The Good and the Beautiful’s Meteorology unit is the first we will complete. After that we will be working through some other unit studies. I haven’t decided 100% what they will be yet. I like to allow my children to help make those decisions after finishing a unit. I will say that we will likely stick to TG&TB units, unless we find something else we love.


We are about half way through Year 1 of The Good and the Beautiful history. We still love it. We just work through it slowly. We will also be working through The Nifty Fifty: A kids research guide to the United States. Netflix documentaries and Drive Thru History will also be used in our teachings.

There you have it!

That is our curriculum choices for this school year. We found a good fit in each of these products so we continue using them! I pray that you are finding a good fit for your homeschool year also!

Now tell me… what are you using for the year ahead? Leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear about it!


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