The Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty: A Kids Research Guide to the 50 States, is on sale right now for our super low launch price of $7.99! This price is good through 6/10/18, when it will return to it’s normal price of $19.99

$19.99 $7.99


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Take your children on a virtual cross-country trek!

Explore all that the fifty states has to offer while learning so much more than the basics.

The Nifty Fifty includes everything your children needs to know about each of the fifty states.




They will learn about

  • Date of statehood
  • The size of the state’s population
  • The state’s imports and exports
  • The state’s geography
  • and so much more!


Your children will spend time learning about the flag that represents each state!

They will research the flag’s creator, the meaning of the symbols on the flag, and more!

Your children will use this page to learn about the governor of the state! This will help them bring government to life!

They will be able to relate to current events and know more about how our nation’s government works.


Your children will research things about the state that you may never think to learn.

  • Climate
  • Resources
  • Geography
  • and more


Brimming with guided research questions, this pack encourages your student to take their learning into their own hands. They will spend time learning about history, social studies, and science. Writing is encouraged, creativity is explored, and your students will feel accomplished at the end of each lesson.

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