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Why We Quit Homeschooling

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Yep!  We have decided to quit “homeschooling”

Now, before you go and start assuming things, let me explain myself to you.

We decided to homeschool our children early in the spring before our daughter was to start Kindergarten.  I had never even considered homeschooling our children.

I mean, aren’t those people weird and have no social skills?  Who wants to do that to their children?

It was pressed heavily on my heart and I couldn’t ignore God calling me more and more to keep my children home.  To educate them here.

It wasn’t an easy decision, the one to not send my children to public school.  In fact I spent hours in prayer, in tears, and in many, many conversations about this decision.

In the end my husband and I decided that keeping our children home was the best decision for our family.  Oddly enough we have had tremendous support from friends and family.  It has been wonderful.  Up until now, anyway.

Over the years my job has taken a new path.  God has placed some amazing clients and opportunities in my way.  I have been working hard trying to get homeschooling in and work done.

Most days would end in tears or spent the with raised voices and me spinning my wheels.

It was time for a change.  A big change.

I began to pray.  I asked God to show me what I needed to do.


YES!  That is the answer.  QUIT.  

No, they are not being enrolled in public school!

How does that work?  Well, I am glad you asked!!

The past few years I have viewed homeschooling as school at home.

You know, get up with the chickens, spend 8 hours working on grammar, addition, subtraction, cry a bit, work on some reading, cry some more, work on hand writing, start to sob, and then finish the day out wondering what, if anything at all we had learned.

It was exhausting.  So, we have stopped!

This is home education.

We are not tied to the 8 hour school day.  Being home means we can study things that we find interesting.  Watching videos on Netflix on whales and blubber then covering our hands in shortening and dip them in icewater, all for the sake of science, means we can call it a day!

Each week we can go to the library, check out 10 books on horses, come home and spend the entire week in pajamas reading until our heart is content.

Realizing that my ultimate job as my children’s educator is to ensure that they believe in trust in The Lord has been life changing.  Everything else is falling into place.

Most importantly we are spending more time together and enjoying our time together as they learn.

Don’t misunderstand.  My children are not allowed to run around and play video games all day.  They spend time engaged in lessons each day.  They are constantly learning.

We just decided that the traditional homeschool thing was just not for us!

So, there you have it!  Now you know why we quit homeschooling!

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