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Raising Chickens

The hubby has wanted to start raising chickens (again) for quite some time now.  I have always been on board with this idea since I would love some fresh eggs but the means to have them just hasn’t been there.  Recently we were blessed with some scrap wood from a lumber yard.  Hubby turned it into a chicken coop in a matter of days.

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This led to the purchase of 5 hens.

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After bringing the hens home we noticed that one hen in particular was not nice.  In fact, that is how she earned her name Feisty.  She needed a new home.  Hubby got busy and built coop #2 in a day.  Seriously, ya’ll this man blows my mind!

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Shortly after that we got 4 more.  This time we got 3 pullets and 1 roo.  They are adorable and are more like pets than the hens are.  They are named: Redneck, Nugget, Tiny and Roo

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So far we have brought in 3 eggs.  The hen doing the laying is called an Easter Egger and her eggs are a beautiful soft blue/green.  I hope that they start laying more soon.  I am ready for an omelet!

An egg - The Multi Taskin Mom

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