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Regaining Control- When it’s Time to Move On

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My family and I are all very undisciplined about going to bed at normal times.  As much as I wanted to have an epic post about how I regained control in this area, I’m no closer now then when I started down this road January.  When I started this series, I had a list of things that I wanted to regain control of.  4 months later, and a bit less chaos, what has been accomplished is enough.  There is a time to move on.

Regaining Control - When it's Time to Move On

I’m a type A personality.  I like things to be complete, matching, even, finished, in their place, and tied up in a pretty bow. However, the older I get (and the more children I have) the more my motto becomes:

“Everything in Siam has it’s own time.” (From: Anna and The King)

The Bible says it this way:

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: . . . He hath made every thing beautiful in his time:”   ~Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 11

Not every goal I have in mind is always going to be accomplished just the way I envision, or in the time slot I’ve allotted, and that’s OK.  I’ve learned to let go of the need to have everything tied up in neat little bows.  I’ve learned that a feeling of peace can be obtained even when my ducks aren’t all in the rows I would want them to be in.

How do you know when it’s time to move on from your list of goals?

  1. When it’s just not happening.  There is a time to push through a stale mate, and there are other times when things are just not coming together.  As a home school family, we have learned to take a brake from concepts (particularly in Math) when we’re just not “getting it” and frustration has taken hold.  We take a break, move on to another concept, and come back, later on, to the thing that stomped us, usually with a fresh point of view, and with more success!
  2. When others aren’t ready.  Sometimes my list of goals don’t get accomplished because I’m not an island.  I’m neither the only one working on the goal nor am I the only one affected by the results of working toward the goal.  A family is a unit.  We move together so, sometimes we move slower toward a goal than I would move if I were the only one working on it.  Sometimes not everyone on the team is ready to do what you want done.  In this case, I still have a nursing toddler who is just not ready to go to bed early and/or sleep through the night and another young child struggling with nightmares.
  3. When you’re not ready.  I’m just not ready to do what it takes to get this goal accomplished, and that’s OK.  I could run down the list of reasons I’m not ready, but it’s enough to just own it- I’m just not there yet.  I’ll get there.  We will get bedtime under control just, not right now.
  4. When other things are more important.  Sometimes other tasks rise to the top of the pile and as they do, what was once an important goal becomes less and less important in the great scheme of things.  That has definitely happened here.  As time has warn on, bedtime has dropped down the list of importance.
  5. When your core goal has been met.  There was so much chaos in this home this winter that, really, my core goal was regaining control of a family that was spinning in the wind and drowning in a mess.  We’re not spinning and drowning anymore.  Not all the areas of chaos got dealt with, but enough did.  The family is running smoothly again.  Smooth enough for us to move forward into areas that are calling for our attention.

Like I said earlier, what I have regained control of seems to be enough for now.  Other things, along with the new spring season, have come along, needing my attention and our attention as a family.  I have regained control and it’s time to move on to what is before us!

If you missed the journey, here are the areas I regained control of:

  1. Regaining Control- The Family Meal
  2. Regaining Control- The Grocery Budget
  3. Regaining Control of Mt. St. Laundry

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