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Should You Change Your Homeschool Curriculum?

It is the middle of the homeschool year and you are likely considering whether or not you should continue with your homeschool curriculum or if you should move on to something else.

I want to help you answer that question today!

Now that the newness of that shiny homeschool curriculum you bought has worn off, you are probably feeling a bit burnt out and over-it.  Does that mean that it is time to change or do you just need to refresh?

Let’s look at this for a minute before you toss.

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When to keep the homeschool curriculum you are using:

It is important that you not go through the entire school year using a product that is not benefiting your children or that works with your homeschool needs.  The same is true of ditching a product just because your children are unhappy with it.

When you first made your purchase you likely sat down and did extensive research about why and what you were going to use that particular curriculum for.  While you are evaluating that curriculum it is important that you take a moment to reflect back to the day you made the purchase and why that purchase was made.  Once you have a clear idea of the why behind the curriculum you can be a bit more decisive about keeping it or ditching it.

You know the curriculum is a keeper when…

  • If your children are learning at a regular pace
  • The curriculum is thorough and concise
  • Your children don’t moan and groan each time you ask them to complete their lesson (they will likely moan and groan at some point but not every single time)
  • It fits in with your lifestyle and you can easily teach it

When to toss the homeschool curriculum you are using:

It is equally important to toss curriculum that your children are not gaining anything from.  Let’s not base this soley on the fact that your children “don’t like” the lessons assigned to them.  Instead let’s take a deeper look at the curriculum before you toss it.

Don’t just toss out your homeschool curriculum. Take some time to really look at it and see if maybe you are just burnt out.  It could be that you just need to step away for a bit.

You know to toss it out when…

  • You cannot teach the lessons or have a very hard time with it yourself
  • It doesn’t fit into your lifestyle
  • The curriculum teaches a different worldview than your family believes in
  • Your children are not retaining any of the information

The long and short of this is, there is no right or wrong way to homeschool your children.  You may need to just take a step back and evaluate the why of homeschooling like I did when I decided I didn’t like the way we were doing things. Should you decide to change your homeschool curriculum it is important that you can do so without adding extra work to yourself or your children.  It is the middle of the school year, after all, and those time constraints can make it hard to complete a full curriculum in a matter of a few months.

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