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5 Ways to Stop Stress During School Break

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Can you hear that?  That is the calling of the end of the school year.

If you are like me that means two things.  One is that it is nearing the time to put away the books for a few weeks and take a break from daily lessons.  And the other is that it is time to put away books for a few weeks and be out of your normal routine.

While having a break from our normal routines is great, it can also lead to stress.  Stress for you, your children, and often times your spouse.  What was once a daily routine that we carried out is now laid aside for a more relaxed schedule.

Five ways to stop stress during a school break

Did you know that just because you are taking a break from formal learning you do not have to be stressed and out of your normal routine!  Think about it.  While you are homeschooling you are setting aside a few hours each day to work with your children through their lessons.

I am betting together we can come up with ways to fill that time with something fun that doesn’t seem like school, that allows you and your children to keep a steady pace to your life throughout your break.

1. Keep your Morning Routine sans Regular School Time

Having the start of your day be the same every single day will help you and your children combat stress.  Keep your wake up time the same or near it.  If you start allowing your children to sleep until lunch it will quickly cause you and them to be grumpy and unproductive.

Instead get them up, fed, dressed and ready for the day.  Make sure they stay on top of their morning chores and routines so that when it is time to start back with book work you don’t have the dread and the doom and gloom that go with it.

2. Keep your Children Reading

It is so important that our children never stop reading and feeding their minds.  Make it a daily priority to have your children reading for at least 20 mins.

A trip to the library or the bookstore to load up on some good books that your children will enjoy reading is a great way to get them excited about reading during their break.  Unit Studies on their favorite subject is another great way to get them excited about reading.  

3. Keep Practicing Math

Math is such an essential skill that your children will use each and every day of their life regardless of them realizing it or not.  Yes, even algebra.  lol  That is why it is so important that children practice their math skills each day.

4. Have a Set Time for Outside Play

Exercise is very important to growing bodies.  Having them outside and moving is a great way to see to it that they burn off extra energy and don’t get the “I’m bored’s” but we all know that being bored is part of it and we want to ensure that our children are getting the right amount of time outside.  That is why I set a timer for at least 30 minutes a day of outside play for my kids.  This is weather permitting and generally I don’t have to push this.  They are more than willing to go out and play.  I will often times throw in some nature studies for them to work on.

5. Have Worksheets and Fun Learning Work Ready to Go

Let’s all be honest here, we get super sick and tired of hearing our children complain and moan and groan about how bored they are when they are on a break.

That is why I am recommending that you go ahead right now and print off some learning fun for them to work on throughout your break.  Make a folder or notebook and set it to the side.  When they complain of being bored you can break it out and let them work on it.

You could even make it a mandatory part of their break before they get screens or free play. Just make sure that it isn’t a full school day load and that it is something that they will enjoy.  Because if you don’t they will get on your nerves because they don’t want to work on it.  Ask me how I know!


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