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Summertime Homeschooling Tips

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I don’t know about you, but my children are already talking about summer.

I can’t believe it’s nearly here. We haven’t even finished our vacation plans. But I already have my homeschooling plans prepared. That comes as a shock to some homeschooling parents, but for me, homeschooling during the summer is extremely important.

Tips to incorporate summer learning with your summer fun in 2017

You see, summer learning activities help my children retain what they’ve learned throughout the year and advance their knowledge in key subjects such as math and reading.

That’s important because studies have found that an equivalent of one month of overall learning is lost during the summer! That means if you don’t keep your children learning during the summer (as they’re having fun!), you’ll probably be wasting a lot of time reviewing old material when the school year finally begins again.

Notice I said “as they’re having fun.” That’s because, there’s no reason why your children can’t incorporate summer learning with summer fun. Let me show you how.

Summer Learning on Vacation

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping in the mountains, visiting a big city, or just staying at grandma’s house for a long weekend — every place you visit provides opportunities to learn.

If your vacation includes the great outdoors, your children have all of nature to study. Take pictures of birds and plants and keep a journal of their names and habitat. Do a google search on them. Draw their picture and learn their latin names. Be creative!

Cities and small towns alike have museums, nature centers, historical sites, parks, and other special places where your children can investigate and discover the town or cities unique qualities and attractions. Even places like Disney World present summer learning opportunities! Find out who Walt Disney was, where he grew up, how he invented characters such as Mickey Mouse. It’s fun!

Fun Reading Tips for the Summertime

Keeping your child’s reading skills sharp is essential. And it’s easy — even during the summer.

Bring books or magazines to the beach or park.

My 12-year-old boy loves dirt bikes so I get him dirt bike magazines and he reads them cover to cover. They’re very technical too, so he’s learning about engines, suspension systems,and more.

If your children own tablets or laptops, have them research and read about subjects they enjoy. It passes time as you’re traveling in the car, or taking a break from summer activities.

Fun Math Tips for the Summertime

If you don’t keep your children busy doing some math, they could lose an average of two and half months of math skills. But that doesn’t mean they have to stick their noses in a textbook for an hour a day.

Have your children cook recipes that require measuring devices.

Play flash card games with mathematical equations — the winners get summer treats!

My neighbor’s 8-year-old daughter helps her measure out fabric as she creates quilts for gifts.

Help them learn a musical instrument. Look up fun math games on the computer — laptops and tablets are easily transported to the beach, park, or on vacation.

There you go — summertime learning and fun go hand-in-hand if you just get a bit creative. I know my children have embraced it and I’m sure your children will too.

So enjoy your summer and, at the same time, keep your children focused with summertime learning activities!

Katie, Homeschool Mother of 2 and Works at Time4Learning is an award-winning, comprehensive curriculum for PreK-12th that makes learning effective and engaging through animated lessons and activities. The online program teaches and grades lessons, tracks and records progress, and keeps reports to help simplify homeschool portfolios. For over a decade, Time4Learning has helped more than 500,000 homeschooling families with its flexible and engaging curriculum, homeschool resources, and more. Our team of homeschool moms, homeschool dads, and support staff have come together to create helpful homeschool insights on subjects such as family, education, fun, and more!

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