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Teaching Math Just Got Easier

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Since this post was published, my family has fallen in love with an old favorite! Go check out the Math Curriculum My Family Recommends!

If you are like me and have a hard time with teaching math, you are going to want to keep on reading.

Teaching my children math was never high on the “can’t wait to do that” scale. In fact, that is one of the reasons I tried to talk myself out of homeschooling.

You see, I am terrible at teaching math. No truly, I cannot teach math to save my life.

I get so frustrated and irritated when my children do not just “get it”. By the end of the lesson we are all in tears!

That is why when we found a new math program this year, I was elated. This new program has taken me almost completely out of the teaching equation. (see what I did there?)

How Teaching Math Got Easier

This year I decided to drop the math program we were using last year and move to something brand new for our family. Over the years I have been advertising for CTC Math, but had never really looked into it. I have looked at the site here and there but always decided that teaching from textbooks or the other math curricula that I have been used to would be “better” for our family.

Taking the plunge into uncharted waters was such a great idea! 

On the first day of lessons my daughter – a self proclaimed “math hater” – said “this is so much easier!” My son – who is a math whiz – took right to the program and the ease of the lessons.


Using CTC Math

At first the parents dashboard seemed a bit overwhelming to me. There is a lot things to take in. So I started out by taking a long hard look around the site before I ever let my children on. I am so thankful I did. This allowed me time to get more familiar with the product so I could help my children navigate it as well.

The first feature that I loved about this program was that I could go into the lessons and manually schedule “tasks” for my children to complete. It was so simple. I just went in, selected a start and finish date, student, and then the lesson. There are lessons from grade kindergarten through calculus lessons. That blew me away!

I was able to sit down and schedule out a 3 week block of lessons for each of my children in less than 20 minutes. Keep in mind this was my first time so it took longer than typical.

After the lessons, or tasks as CTC calls them, are scheduled, you just have your child log in and complete what is expected of them that day.

Scheduling Options

When scheduling tasks in CTC you have the option of scheduling the task for 1 day to any amount of time, with as many lessons as you want! This means that if you want your child to focus on 3 specific lessons within a week you can schedule just those 3 tasks for that week. If you are like me and want your children to complete 1 task a day you can do that as well.

CTC is very user friendly and easy for you to work into your homeschooling method not the other way around.

You can also not schedule lessons! Your children can go in and pick up where they were the day before and complete what is next. This is good if you have an expected amount of time you want your child to work on a task instead of a certain amount of tasks you want them to complete.


Another one of the selling points for me is that I can set a “pass/fail” grade for my children. If a task is completed but doesn’t meet a certain grade then my children are prompted to take the lesson again.

In the other math program we were using my children were allowed (by the program) to just do the work and when it was complete, move on. It didn’t matter what grade they received. I don’t know about you but this did not simplify our homeschooling struggles. I would have to login to their account (separate disks each) and go through each lesson to see where my children needed help and have them go back and do it again.

With CTC math, when my children do not master something they are not getting the same questions over in a row. Instead they are getting a mix of problems that help promote their understanding.


As with any product there are some short-comings we must take in stride. One thing that I would call a con with this program is that you cannot set a grade level per student. This means that when you are scheduling you have to choose the grade level each time. This is super picky of me. But it does take time each time I schedule a task.

Really other than that, I have no other big problems with this program!

Things you should know…

  • CTCMath is not aligned with common core
  • There is the ability to set tasks
  • Reports are automatically generated
  • Homeschoolers get a 60% discount
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Students have access to all lessons from all grades to fill any gaps
  • The family plan includes all children within the family (it is set to 5 as default but we increase the student limit at no extra cost)
  • CTCMath comes with a 12-month money back guarantee. No questions asked
  • Multi award-winning

Try it now!

I am super excited to say that CTC is offering a great back to school promotion!

Head back to school with MASSIVE savings on CTCMath, a full online math curriculum for grades K-12! Homeschoolers save 60% and if you subscribe now, you’ll receive a BONUS 6 months FREE! Sign up today HERE.

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