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The Fatherless Daughter

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Growing up without a father in my home I always felt that I wasn’t enough.  My dad chose to live his life without me and my siblings being a part of it.  We would see him a few times through the year.  It was hard.  When I became a teenager it became part of my identity. I became the fatherless daughter.  I couldn’t wrap my head or heart around why he didn’t think I was enough.

I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I never felt loved enough.

I never felt like I measured up.

Why wouldn’t he want me?

Why would he choose to not be there?

The fatherless daughter and an honest story about the journey of finding self again

Then today, on one of the hardest parenting days of my life, the song Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin came on the radio.  I wept.  My heart, oh my heart.  I needed that.  I needed to hear that years ago.  I needed to hear that all those years I felt alone, unloved, unwanted, fatherless, to hear I had a Father.  I had the most amazing father, one who created me, loved me, and couldn’t stand this universe without me living within it.  WOW!  What a relevation.

HE thought I was good enough.

HE loves me!

HE thinks I measure up!

HE wants me, my heart, my mind, my soul!

He is proud of me.

HE is there for me each moment of every day.

I am loved by Him!  He loves me!  ME!  The one who never felt worthy of that kind of love had it all along.  I never had to go looking for it, it was there.

Friends, if you are like me and a fatherless daughter, let me encourage you to go listen to this song.  Let it wash over you.  Let the words sing to your heart.  Let God be there with you.  Do not spend another second of your day feeling the way I have felt for over 32 years.  Do not miss out on the blessing that you could receive.

HE is your father!!!  He loves you.  He created you because he couldn’t stand this universe to be without you.  The universe, friend.

You are His, and he is yours.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, as your Father, you are missing out on the greatest blessing in life – eternal life with Him.  Choose Him today to be your father.  You are not a fatherless daughter.  I am not a fatherless daughter.

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