The Flag of the United States of America Research Guide

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I am so thankful to call the United States my home.

This land has such a rich history.

Learning about the people and the stories of the people who came before us is one of my favorite things.

Our flag is a symbol that the world can all recognize and know that it belongs to the USA. Did you know that it didn’t always look the way that it does now?

When Flag Day comes around each year I like to take some time to teach my children about the history of this beloved symbol.

Now that my children are getting older I want them to take some time to do work independently. With that in mind I wanted to create a research printable for my children to use for Flag Day.

With this easy to use printable your children will be asked to list 3 facts about the flag and then draw a picture of the flag of the USA.

Doing this will make your children slow down a bit with their learning and look up facts about the flag. They may learn about the way the flag has looked and changed over the years.

When your children are drawing the flag have them take some time to understand the meaning of the colors, the stars, and the stripes on the flag.

This is a fun and simple way to get your children involved in their learning!

Grab your The Flag of the United States of America Research Guide now!

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