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I wish I could homeschool my child, but…

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I hear it all of the time!

“I wish I could homeschool my child, but . . .

. . . I don’t have the patients”

. . . I am not smart enough”

. . . it takes too much time”

. . . my children will resent me for it”

. . . I am afraid my children will not learn enough”

. . . my children will not take me seriously”

. . . my children will not do their work”

And the list goes on and on and on.

I wish I could homeschool my child but

For each of those excuses above I have ONE rebut.  WE ALL FEAR THOSE THINGS!

Yeah, I was the mom who used to say some of those things too.  And then conviction fell on my heart to homeschool my children.
Sure there are days I cry out to God to send help.  Some days I want to run out to the yellow school bus and put my babies on it and go in and enjoy 8 hours of quiet.  But that isn’t the life for me.
You see, God did not give me the patients of a saint.  In fact I yell and have meltdown more often than I would like to admit.  (full transparency here, ok)  There are times I have to pull out a scrap sheet of paper to help with math or even look up a word in the dictionary to help out my child.  That is just fine.  We are in this together!!!  I can hit on each other point but I think you get my drift.
You see, none of us are perfect.

Homeschooling moms have the same fears, concerns, wants, desires and needs as the public school mom.

We want our child to excel and do their best.  I do know there are some who do not fall into this category. And for that I say “shame on you!”  They give homeschoolers a bad rap.
I am sure that most homeschool children are just as capable of carrying on a conversation as any public school child, but since they are out in the public (instead of behind a desk all day) doing other things – with different generations, don’t be surprised if they can carry on conversations with *gasp* adults and not just their peers.
So next time you go to tell a homeschool mom that “I wish I could but…” stop and think about what it is that is stopping  you.  Search your soul and your heart.
Homeschooling is NOT for everyone and not everyone should do it.
That is why there is still a public school system.
Just don’t think that us homeschool moms feel like we are better mothers or wives.
We are in this together!

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