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You Are More Than A Stay-At-Home Mom

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Ever heard the phrase” I wish I could stay home all day and do nothing” I bet a lot of you have. I myself hear it a lot when there is some new function or thing that someone needs me to do. I am pretty sure some must think that those who stay at home sit in front of the television or computer all day. I have actually had people tell me that it can’t be that hard being me after all it is not like I have to get up and go to work. Insert an eye roll here.  What people do not seem to realize is how hard being a stay home mom is.
You are so much more than a stay at home mom

You are MORE than a Stay-At-Home Mom!

You are the teacher of all things. You are the one teaching them shapes, colors, how to talk, character traits, about God and everything in between. You are the teacher of right and wrong. The role models your daughter will later mimic and the shoes your future daughter in law will later try to fill.

You are the on call doctor and nurse. When your kids get sick guess who get to care for them. When they get a boo boo guess who’s kisses make them all better. There are long days and even longer nights as you tend to one child’s needs and still make the other children feel just as special. And you do all this without mailing out a bill!!

You are the domestic goddess of the home. You are the one who keeps the house in tip top shape.  You make sure everyone has clean clothes and fresh sheets. You work hard to find perfect balance in homemaking and making memories. That’s because you are a rock star at multi tasking.

You are a the taxi cab driver. You take the kids to the doctor. Then you run all the errands. Oh and don’t forget about the play dates. Your mad driving skills keep the natives in your home health and happy.

You are the children’s entertainment. Maybe it is just at my house but my kids must have my undivided attention or somebody is not going to be happy. They look to be to pull out the coolest things to occupy their time. I can become a singer, dancer and artist in a blink if an eye. You learn these skills when you want to keep your own sanity. Or maybe it is because I have lost my sanity.

You are your husbands go to person. You are the one your husband looks to if he needs help with something. You are the one he needs to comfort him after a stressful day. You are also the one he trusts to provide top-notch care for his little angels.

Those who do not stay at home do not get all that is involved with staying at home because we make it look so easy. That is because we are awesome. Make sure however while you are doing all this to take time for yourself. Also don’t be afraid to say no to other things that are being forced on your plate. Your job at home is super important. No one else can do your job the way that you can. And after just reading this I think I need a break 🙂


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,

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