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3 Tips to make lunch time easier.

I don’t know about you but lunch time is my least favorite time of the day.  My kids hound me from breakfast on asking if it is time for lunch.  You would think that I occasionally forget to feed them, though that isn’t the case.  I remind them that I have yet to forget to feed them lunch and today is not the day that I will start.  I recently had a revelation!  I could make lunch time easier for all of us if they knew what was coming and when.  I also implemented a few things to make getting lunch on the table easier for me too!

3 Tips to make lunch time easier

1. Write it down.  As soon as breakfast is over I write on the board what we are having for lunch.  I have a small white board on our fridge and this has proven to be very helpful.  My children then know that I do not need their input on our lunch options and that something is coming to them soon.

2. Give them a time.  Put a time that you aim to have lunch served on the board as well.  If your children can tell time this is a huge help.  If not, this is a great motivational tool for them to learn.  My youngest is doing very well with reading a clock since I started this. You can always use the timer on your stove or a reminder on your phone, if you want.

3. Delegate!  If your children are old enough to be making lunch, let them.  At 8 your children should be able to prepare their own cold sandwiches and things of that nature.  Have them help you set the table.  I say “I need 3 forks, 3 plates, and someone to take drink orders.” and they go strait to work.  They love being made to feel useful.

I am not saying that this has stopped the lunch time insanity in my home but it has truly helped.  There are some days that I forget to write it down.  (I know, the pen and planner addict has let you down!)  On those days I tell them we are having a surprise.  That makes it even more fun.  For them… for me, well that means I am searching for a can of soup to heat up and call it something fabulous so it lives up to the surprise factor!

I would love to know if you have any tips for making lunch easier.  Share them with me!


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