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Slime is all of the rage right now!

If your children are like mine they are a bit obsessed and are making batch after batch and looking for new recipes.

I am super excited to tell you that I have 2 slime recipes right now that you can download and print for free.

My daughter couldn’t believe that I had these on my site long before slime was even a big deal. I guess I was cool and didn’t know it.

Well, you can be cool too!  Just pick out which recipe you want to tackle first and grab it and go!

Slime Recipes!

Slime and Oobleck are so much fun to make but can be messy!  I have the recipes for you, and they are printable.

Make sure that you observe your child as they prepare and complete their experiments. Take caution with sensitive skin as some of the ingredients could be a bit harsh. Gloves and eye protection should always be worn when experimenting. 🙂

Oobleck Recipe:

My daughter and I think Oobleck is on of the coolest things ever! This activity presents an opportunity to discuss solids and liquids. When you apply pressure to oobleck by pushing on it in the bowl, it acts more like a solid. It’s difficult to push through it. But, when you grab a handful of oobleck, it oozes through your fingers as a liquid would.

Summer Science Fun: Oobleck |

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 Slime Recipe:

Slime is fun! It takes just a few minutes to whip up a batch, and the kids have a blast manipulating it. Be sure to print out the recipe and instructions below.

Summer Science Fun: Homemade Slime |

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