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Parenting is Hard Work We Can Help

Knowing that parenting is hard work is one thing, working hard at parenting is another. When we have a child no one hands over an instruction manual or gives you directions. Most of our wisdom comes from what we saw as we were growing up.

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Learn fun facts about the swan with this color and copywork pack.

Swan Facts Color and Copywork

Use copywork to combine different subjects into one! I created this fun copywork pack featuring one of the most magnificent birds out there…the swan. Their beauty makes them the perfect animal for stories and literature. Watching these birds swim around is so fun. I never

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15 Shark Themed Resources

Sharks are some of the most elusive creatures created. The shark is dangerous which is probably why they are so elusive. Who would really want to go into the deep blue to learn about them, while knowing they can bite you into 2 pieces in

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6 Essential Oils That May Help With Anxiety

Essential oils are used for many purposes in health, the home, and even in cleaning. Did you know that some people use them for anxiety? Dealing with anxiety is something that many mom’s are dealing with around the world. If you have been around for

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Scripture for Helping with Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It is a simple word. However it is one of the hardest things I think our human selves can do. When we learn to forgive others we learn to let go of hurt, resentment, anger, and negative emotions that go with those things. When

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Snapping Turtles Color and Copywork available now

Snapping Turtle Facts Color and Copywork

When you take some time to add fun activities, like copywork, to your learning schedule, your children will respond well! That is why I created these fun and easy to use packs! Combine science, writing, and fine motor skills with this fun new printable pack!!

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