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It’s All Presidential Coloring Book

Young children love to be included in school work. It is often times hard to find things that they can work on, though. If you can incorporate fun and learning, along side the lessons your older children are doing, you

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Sea Turtle Facts Color and Copywork

I truly hope you are enjoying our Sea Life Color and Copywork series! One of my favorite animals of all time is the sea turtle. They are right up there with a lion as far as I am concerned. They

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Swordfish Facts Color and Copywork

Our Sea Life Color and Copywork series has been so much fun. Today we are continuing with the Swordfish. I know that this is ridiculous. But, I have an unrealistic fear of Swordfish. I always vision them cutting through me when

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Squid Facts Color and Copywork

When you download a Color and Copywork pack it is my true desire that you get a product that your children love. That they learn something new and have fun doing it! That is why I am enjoying this sea

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Shark Facts Color and Copywork

Are you enjoying the sea themed color and copywork packs that we have put out so far? I hope that you are! Today we have a brand new installment. Shark Facts Color and Copywork The shark reminds me a lot

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Seahorse Facts Color and Copywork

When you are using Color and Copywork packs in your homeschool, it is important that your children are interested on the topic. That is why I have been working on these themed packs! The latest in our Sea Life Edition

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