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5 Ways to Finish Your Homeschool Year Strong

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The end of the homeschool year is drawing near for most families.

That means that it is time for us to start thinking about ways to make sure that we are finishing our school year strong.

Even those of us who homeschool year round will end the academic year at some point so these tips will help you too.

5 Ways to End the Homeschool Year Strong:

1. Set a finish date and stick to it!

When you are planning your end of homeschool year, make sure that you set a date that you can stick to. Check with the homeschooling laws in your area, before setting your date. Ensure that you have the required amount of days logged for the year before you finish up. You do not want to end the school year with a shortage of days.

2. Make a do-able lesson plan to finish the year by your chosen date

Tip #1 told you to pick a date and stick to it, that means that you are going to have to do some serious lesson planning. Take some time to go through the curriculum your children have been using and see how many lessons are left. After you have your lesson totals you can see how many do-able days you can fit into the year without going crazy!

3. Do not worry about finishing the entire curriculum you are using

While in tips #1 and #2 I have told you to figure out the amount of lessons left to help you decide on the end day, hear me now: you do not have to finish all of the curriculum you are using! Isn’t that a freeing thought? Don’t decide that you don’t have to finish any of it. That isn’t what I am saying. I do recommend that you finish up the math that you are using and the language arts for the year.

4. Make your children accountable for getting done

When I plan our end of the homeschool year date I make sure that my children know exactly what day our year will end. Talk about some serious motivation! This helps them to prepare for the days/weeks to come and get moving to get their lessons done.

My children know that math and reading are our deal breakers. They may finish up all other lessons that are incomplete on our agreed upon date, but if math and their reading/language arts aren’t done they get to keep on working! This makes them push forward in double time to work on their lessons. It is important that we allow our children this responsibility. This teaches your children time management. Your children will also learn to be accountable for their work. I do not recommend this for children who are younger than 8. 

5. Plan some FUN summer learning

While the summer months offer a lot of fun and creative play, it is important that learning never stop. This is the perfect time for you to take educational field trips or vacations. You can work on lapbooks or notebooks based on your children’s interest. Take a trip to the library. Load up on books that have nothing to do with anything that your children learned the year before. This will offer a break from the norm but still encourage reading.

The most important thing to remember at the end of the year is that you have completed one of the hardest tasks out there. You are raising your children while teaching them to be productive members of society. This is not a job that is for the faint of heart. Mama, you are doing great!

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