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The ABC’s of Motherhood – B is for Blessed

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Do you think of yourself as blessed? Is your glass half full or half empty?

No matter where we are in life, we are blessed in many ways. Though we often forget the blessings we have even though they are right in front of us. It reminds me of the saying, “You can’t see the forest through the trees”.


Below you will find 8 blessings that are often forgotten, unnoticed or taken for granted. I know that reminding myself of my blessings helps me to remain fulfilled in my life.

8 “forgotten” Blessings

1. Our lives.

Having another day with our family is a blessing we often go to bed expecting. We tend to forget we’re only promised today, God alone knows of tomorrow.

2. Our salvation.

We have an eternal future and a hope! Jesus Christ provided these for us, what undeserved blessings.

3. Our husbands.

Be sure to not take him for granted. Having someone to walk by your side is a wonderful blessing indeed.

4. Our children.

If you’ve been by my lil corner at all or my Facebook page you’re sure to have seen me refer to “my lil blessings” a time or two. My kiddos truly are blessings in my life and yours are too!

5. Our extended families.

Though time passes and life moves quickly, they’ll always be there when you need them. Having loved ones you can count on is often not counted as a blessing.

6. Our homes.

A roof, bed, indoor plumbing, heat and/or AC are not required to live in this world. Having these things is typically taken for granted, rather than seen as a blessing.

7. Our daily provisions.

Food and clean water are not available to all. They are necessary to live, but having them in excess is a blessing we should share.

8. Our employment.

Unemployment is on the rise. Having money to pay the bills and care for our families are blessings many don’t have today.

There may be some of you that don’t have all of the blessings I’ve listed. That does not mean you aren’t blessed, it just means your blessings are different than my list. 🙂

As moms sometimes we get caught up in seeing what other moms have that we don’t, and we start to compare or wish for their things. What we forget is that we can only see their outside, we can’t see what goes on inside of them or their family.

God has blessed each of us in our own way. We are unique individuals, so we receive unique blessings.

Take some time, search your heart and look around you. Make your own list of blessings. Keep it to remind yourself that you’re one blessed mom!


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