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New Essential Oils Just for Kids

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Welcome friends, I am so glad you are here!

Are you looking for essential oils that you can trust and use on your children? I have some great news for you!

Rocky Mountain Oils just launched their brand new Kids Line and I am thrilled to tell you all about it. They sent me each of the oils to use with my children and see what I think and I have some feedback!

Brand New Essential Oils Just for Children

We have been using these oils since the first of the week. They are brand new so we haven’t gotten to test all of them but I am going to tell you about the ones we have gotten to use.

Bug Away

It is still hot, humid, and buggy here. This oil is supurb at keeping the bugs at bay. Just roll on the wrists, ankles, back of neck and pulse points to stop the biting. This blend contains Citronella, Cederwood Atlas, Lavender,  Thyme, and it is already diluted with fractionated coconut oil. That means you don’t have to worry about a carrier oil. Learn more


Counting Sheep

Bedtime is such a battle here. I am sure that is a universal issue. I have a feeling this oil is going to just fly off of the shelves! Counting Sheep promotes relaxation and helps the brain settle before bed. And the fragrance… I love this one so much! Just swipe the roller at the back of the neck, on the wrists, the bottom of the feet or the back to help your child enter a restful nights sleep. This blend contains Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and fractionated coconut oil for the carrier oil.  Learn more


There is no worse time in the world to have a cold than the summer. That doesn’t stop that from happening in our house, though! We have been struggling with colds here for nearly 2 weeks. I was so thrilled when these oils got here and we could test out Breathe.  With a swipe over the chest, and on the back, of each of my children, the coughing stopped!  It proved to provide such releif for them that I used it on myself.  I was thrilled with how it worked on myself! This is going to be an oil I stock up on for cold and flu season. This blend contains Lemon, Cederwood Atlas, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rancincense, Black Pepper, and fractionated coconut oil.  Learn more


This is my most favorite of all of the oils in the new Kids Line.  I have a feelin it is because it contains my favorite oils! This blend does exactly what the name says it will do, it helps quiet them mind so you can focus on the task at hand.  It is soothing and perfect to use while studying! This blend contains Frankensense, Lavender, Vetiver, Cederwood, and fractionated coconut oil.   Learn more

Those are just a few of the ones we have tried but the line has many other oils.  There is Ouchie, Immunity, Clear Head, Tummy Time, Muscle Sooth, and Skin Balance, that we haven’t gotten to really test out yet.

Don’t miss out on how I use essential oils around the house and the essential oils I think are essential for back to school!

Are you planning to get any of these oils? Right now for a limited time you can buy 3 and get 1 for free!!


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