4 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Kids

Having effective communication with your kids is not always a natural thing. Some days you may feel like it is forced or that you have none at all. Adults and children live in different worlds. No matter how present we are in our children’s lives, and how much time we

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5 Tips for Bug and Insect Observation

Now that spring has arrived, I’m sure many of you, and your kids, are itching for outdoor fun and learning. There’s something magnetic about the outdoors during spring – so many different lively sights sounds and smells, and so much to learn from watching nature do its work! One simple

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Bring your family closer together this fall with these conversation starters and activities!

Fall Family Favorites: Conversation Starters

I have always loved family conversations. Sharing jokes around the campfire as it gets dark, talking while taking family walks, cuddling up by the fire and sharing reflections or memories while clutching warm mugs… Taking the time to talk together as a family is important. It not only creates lasting

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12 Things to Do with Your Leftover Easter Candy

Is your house rolling in leftover Easter candy? Maybe not, if you gave your kids a candy free, theme-based Easter basket, but if you DO have tons of candy lying around, here are some things you can do with it instead of letting it go to waste! Leftover Chocolate Candy

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6 Educational Benefits of Homeschooling

I wish I could sit down with each of you and hear the story behind why you have decided to homeschool or not. Based on the many homeschooling friends and families I know, these are some common reasons for homeschooling: Religion ( i.e. the desire to provide the children with

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