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Confessions of a Mom Who Enjoys Coloring

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Coloring books for adults are all the rage right now.  But I liked coloring when coloring wasn’t cool.

It is true!  I used to steal borrow my children’s coloring books and color in them all the time.  When we would have yard sales or things that required me to be outside for more than an hour I would have the kids bring their coloring books out to keep them occupied.  Yep, I would sit and color with them while waiting because, well it is fun!

Confessions of the Mom who Enjoys Coloring and Products You Will Love

I like to curl up in the evenings, in my bed, with a coloring book, pencil sharpener, and my colored pencils.  I can color for hours on end.  In fact I have stayed up way past the time I should have been asleep before I even realized what time it was.  I get ‘in the zone’ and tone out the world around me.

Some benefits of adult coloring books:

  • Releave stress
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Helps with PTSD
  • Focuses your mind
  • Helps with tension
  • Sparks creativity

Coloring books have come a long way over the last several years.  The days of only being able to find books adorned with cute cartoon characters are gone.  Now you can find books full of geometric patterns, detailed animals, nightscapes, florals, owls, elaborate patterns, and some just basic and easy to color.

These books have become so popular that they are now creating them for those famous ‘As Seen on TV’ commercials.  Now, that is a sign of a true fad!

I have several books that I color in very often.

Here are some of my favorite coloring books that may or may not be for adults!

My favorite tools for coloring:

This coloring craze has gone much farther than coloring books.  Now you can get Bibles with coloring added in for journaling and meditating on the word.  You can get calendars and note pads and so much more!

Do you ever sit down and color?  I would love to know what your favorite books and tools are.  Shoot me some links and some images of your completed work!

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