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Confessions of a Mom Who is Looking for Peace

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Hi friends, welcome back to my confessions series.

Are you looking forward to the holiday season but find that each year it is full of hustle, bustle, and chaos?

I hear ya.  That is why this year I am on a mission to bring Peace, Joy, and Love in my home.

Over the last few weeks you have probably been seeing me talk about A Season of Joy.  I want this year to be one of the best, less stressed, Christmas seasons I have known.

One way that I am going to ensure that it happens to look for peace.

A mom who is looking for Peace this Christmas Season

How does one look for peace?

Peace is something that I think we all view differently.  For you that may be sitting at home with your family by firelight.  For another family it may be going from house to house from holiday party to holiday party.

The truth is, there is no such thing as universal peace.  We all must look inwardly to find just what it is that our hearts need to bring peace to our lives.  The only way to achieve perfect peace is through Christ.

Each of us seek and serve our savior in different ways.  That means that none of us will find peace in the same ways.

For me this year I want things to be different than they have years gone by.

Typically each year my husband and I compile a list of gift recipients and go on a shopping spree.  This causes us stress over budgeting and deciding on what a person may or may not want.

Then we add in all of the decorating, parties to attend, and then homeschooling activities on top of it.

Friends, that is not my idea of peace.


My plan this year?

This year my husband has been hard at work creating gifts for each of our family members.  These are not your typical home-made crafts.

My husband is a metal worker by trade and has been hard at work making metal art for those that we love.  This has decreased our budget, increased our time together because we aren’t out hitting the sales, and has ensured that each recipient will love their gift because it was crafted just for them.

We are not going to commit to more than 3 gatherings this year.  That is 1/week after our daughters birthday.  That means that we won’t have to hurry around from place to place and can instead enjoy the warmth of our own home.

I am taking most of the month of December off from work!!!  I am so excited about this one.  While you will still see MTM around the enterwebs you won’t be seeing as much new posts from me as you normally do.

Not working means that I can spend time in the kitchen with my children.  I can snuggle up in bed watching movies with them, and we can spend our days having fun and not worrying if I can meet all the deadlines looming over my head.

What does peace look like for you?

Let me encourage you to look for peace in your own family this year.  What does it look like for you?  Do you need more time out of the house?  Is spending more time in doors with your family your idea of a great night?

Whatever your idea of peace is make sure that you reclaim peace for yourself this year.

Don’t forget, our Savior is The Prince of Peace.  If you are struggling finding peace in your home and heart, seek Him and his guidance.

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