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4 Steps to Make Your Husband’s Day Special

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Welcome back to our Encouragement for the Christian Wife series.  We hope that this series is a blessing to you and your marriage.

Every wife wants to please her husband, but when you spend your days washing dishes, changing diapers, teaching kids and folding laundry, it can be difficult to find the time to think about how to make your husband’s day special. A marriage requires that both spouses be devoted to each other in order for them to grow together and not apart over the years. Thus, it is essential that wives take time to decide how they can make their husband’s day special…every day.

Four steps that you should take to make your husbands day special

I used to think that just having a hot dinner ready for him when he got home was all that my husband needed to be happy and feel special when he arrived home from work each day. It took me awhile…quite a few years actually, to realize that I was incorrect. A hot meal was not even the #1 thing that he wanted when he got home from work. It took time for me to determine what it was that my husband wanted when he got home. Once I made the time to pay attention to my husband’s homecoming, a few simple steps is all it took for me to figure out how I could make my husband’s day special every day!

  • Observe what your husband does when he arrives home

Does he head straight for the shower to get cleaned up? Is the couch his first destination? Are your children his joy coming through the door?

  • Consider how you greet your husband upon his arrival

Do you take time away from whatever task you’re working on to greet him? Are you frustrated and irritable consistently when he walks through the door? Have you taken time to do yourself up a bit (you are his wife remember?) before he came home?

  • Pay attention to how your husband reacts to certain situations

After a long day at work how does your husband respond to your kids arguing or you complaining about your day? If the house is a mess when he comes home what does he say?

  • Listen to statements he makes when he gets home

Is your husband trying to include you in the events of his day? Does he strive to be part of your day by asking questions that you could/should respond to more gently? Do you need to focus on another area of your home/family during your day based on what he is saying? He may be speaking volumes if you would just listen.

Often times what wives think their husbands want is very off base. We think we know our husbands so well that we focus on what we believe they want from us and instead of making their day or pleasing them, we are missing the mark entirely. Most of the time, instead of taking them at their word, we think they are beating around the bush and not saying what they really mean…when they truly are speaking truthfully. Wives tend to make things more complicated than they really are…and I am guilty of doing so myself.

Instead of trying to figure out how to make your husband’s day special alone, get to know who he is, what he enjoys and what he doesn’t. You don’t even have to ask him, just learn to be observant. I’m confident that by watching and listening to your husband you will discover how to make your husband’s days special every day.

What does your husband enjoy you doing that makes his day special?

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