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Great Adventures for Homeschoolers!

Improve skills of reading and problem solving and make friends along the way in fun-filled settings. Dover is proud to partner with The Multitaskin’ Mom in this great adventure giveaway of seven books valued at $100. Also available is a 25% discount with the use of code WHDK which ends October 31, 2018. Click here and good luck to all!

Epic Adventures Puzzle Book

Full-color activities follow two young children and a dog through a magic castle, mysterious woods & other fun-filled settings. Join Ruby, Ned, and Mungo the dog as they set out on three exciting adventures — and they’ll want your help along the way! You’ll need sharp pencils and even sharper eyes to solve all of the puzzles. From exploring a mysterious castle and befriending a dragon to investigating an abandoned fairground, the stories are fun and the puzzles are challenging. Includes solutions. Ages 7-11. 96pp. 9 x 10. $9.99

 Game On

Bursting with brightly colored illustrations, this fun-filled book is packed with more than 100 playful puzzles for children ages 8 to 12. Hours and hours of activities include mazes, matching and word games, secret codes, logic challenges, and so much more. All kids need is a pencil — no batteries required! Solutions are included. 144pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. $12.99

 In the Wolf’s Lair: A Beastly Crimes Book

Life in the Far Woods tends to be tranquil since the animal denizens are strictly forbidden to kill (or eat!) each other. An elderly detective, Badger, oversees the community and solves its petty crimes, from stolen pine cones to plucked tail feathers. His restless assistant, Badgercat, longs for

some excitement — and the brash youngster’s hopes are realized with the shocking news of Rabbit’s murder, which prompts the woodland detectives’ search for suspects. Newly translated from the original Russian, this beautifully illustrated hardcover is the first of the Beastly Crimes Books, an imaginative mystery series geared toward middle-grade readers, ages 7-11. 176pp. 5 x 8. $16.99

 Space Cat Adventures:

In the first of a four-book series a little gray kitten with a taste for adventure stows away on an airplane, and the daring stunt turns out to be his first step toward becoming … Space Cat! In the second book Space Cat and his pilot buddy, Colonel Fred Stone take a long voyage to the planet Venus, where they encounter violet skies, torrential ammonia rains, and strange plants that can communicate without speaking. Young readers will delight in taking a look at space exploration from Flyball’s point of view and following his escapades across the solar system. Ages 6-10. Hardcover, 5 x 8, $16.95 each.

Space Cat 80pp.

Space Cat Visits Venus 96pp.

 Scratch & Sketch Adventures: Include Coloring, Scratch Art & Doodle Pages Plus Stylus!

Follow the adventures of five princesses-in-training that are magically transformed into pirates and battle a wicked queen in a faraway land. Princesses-turned-pirates Topaz, Jade, Coral, Pearl, and Opal star in these three-in-one activity books! Kids can start the fun with coloring pages of the BFFs’ adventures in the land of Lemuria. Can they defeat the wicked Queen Obsidian? Each book also features 16 scratch art pages: the foil and rainbow-colored backgrounds can be revealed with the included stylus. Plus, the deluxe, spiral-bound hardcovers even offer a generous selection of doodle pages. Ages 6-10. Each book contains 80pp, 6 1/2 x 8 ½, and $12.99 each.

Best Friends: A Scratch & Sketch Adventure!


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