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The Unplugged Challenge

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Every night as I give my kids a bath I ask them what their favorite thing about the day was and then I ask them what they think my favorite thing was. Lots of times my toddlers make up crazy stories. My preschooler however often gives me the cold hard facts about the day. Last night I was bathing the said preschooler and went through our typical questioning. His response stopped me dead in my tracks.


Me: Mr Booty (that’s is his nickname I kid you not) what was mommy’s favorite thing today? Booty: Mom you don’t have a favorite thing. You never have time to have a favorite thing because you are to busy cleaning, writing and doing stuff. You would have one if you would play with me.

Instant tears…..As I quickly replayed the day in my mind he was right. I had spent all day running around like a mad woman doing this task or that task that I had actually forgotten to take time to soak up the awesomeness of mommy hood. Upon even more contemplation my main focus for the day had been mostly on the computer, tablet and well the phone. You see I was able to justify myself because I was working on my online ministry but at what cost. Our main ministry that we have are to our families. Mainly our children since well our husbands already know about the wonders of God. We spend so much time running around, social networking and planning for our websites that other things seem to get pushed to the side. Priorities get lost in the shuffle. Our families suffer, our children suffer and well we suffer. We become monsters to those who live with us because we are tired, stressed and overwhelmed by responsibility to others who do not live in our home. Join in us in the unplugging challenge, now on The Multi Taskin Mom We allow this to happen because we believe we are doing work for the greater good. After all people need to know how to make that recipe we made last week that was a huge hit. People won’t see our great content unless we pimp ourselves out to the gill on social media. And the world just may end if we do not turn over every single rock on the internet researching all the content on a particular subject we are writing about. Well I don’t know about you but for me this has got to change. No longer will I finish one major project just to take on three more in it’s place. No longer will I miss important play dates going on at my feet because I need to research the worlds next greatest posts. Instead I am going to set up some boundaries and rules for myself. And I would like to invite you to take the challenge as well. The Unplugged Challenge:

  • Set office hours and keep them: Yes it one thing to say you are going to make office hours but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t actually stick to it.
  • Seek out the little moments that mean the most: Play trucks with the boys, color pictures with them, create some sort of masterpiece together or anything that involves them having all of you not just the person hiding behind the screen.
  • Read more and write less: Read more stories to your children and worry less about writing articles. Story time leads to cuddle time and those are times we as moms will cherish long after our kids leave home.
  • Unplug yourself: Unplug from the internet, social media and the electronics that keep you tied down at least during non office hours.

Are you willing to take the challenge with me? Are you willing to make a change?

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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