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Homeschooling Gives Her the Freedom to Dance

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We are in our thirteenth year of homeschooling. I can’t imagine my life any other way. I’ve gone from three students to two, and now I’m homeschooling just my last one. When we started our homeschool journey, my goal was to provide a top-notch education for my son. The public school he attended in rural Mississippi just wasn’t cutting it. Then, we found out we were moving to KY, and I had no idea what those schools would be like. So, I talked my husband into letting me give it a try for “just one year.” Now, thirteen years later, I homeschool for the same and different reasons. I still strive to provide my children with top-notch education with a Biblical foundation. However, there are new factors in our plan to continue homeschooling. You see, my daughter – currently age 10 – is an aspiring dancer. She is at the studio five nights a week during the regular dance season. Now that our Spring Showcase is just around the corner, however,  she’s there six days a week attending additional rehearsals. In addition to her classes and rehearsals, she also has a few private lessons each week. Homeschooling has been a lifesaver for her! Homeschooling has given her the freedom to dance.

  #Homeschooling gives her the freedom to #dance! | themultitaskinmom.com

Freedom of Flexibility

We have the flexibility to be at the studio earlier in the day for private lessons, because she’s not in public school. This has allowed us to meet her teachers before the public schools dismiss instead of staying after class until 9:00 or later because that’s the only available time slot. It also keeps us from having to give up a Saturday morning/afternoon for lessons since we can arrive at the studio before most kids are even out of school. We also have the flexibility to head to an out-of-town competition early on Friday morning without having to worry about missing school. I can adjust our homeschool schedule accordingly without penalty of absences or tons of make-up work.

Freedom to Rest

In the past, I have scheduled light school days on the Monday after a long dance weekend. This has allowed us to still “do school” while allowing Emma to rest her body and recover from the weekend. Public school kids don’t have that freedom – at least not without adding an “absence” to their records. At our current studio, our Winter and Spring Showcases {think recital} run Thursday – Sunday with dress rehearsals Monday – Wednesday. The rehearsals usually run 2-3 hours each evening, and the actual shows run 4+. This makes for one tired little girl after the first or second day. We bulk up our lessons leading up to these weeks so that we can do “light school” during performance week. I allow her to sleep in as late as her body needs to sleep, and then we do some reading, some math, and usually a science or history video. Most of her dance friends get up and hop on the bus the next morning, but I am thankful that we don’t have to do that.

Freedom to Travel

Recently, we had a friend travel to NYC for a HUGE ballet competition. She was there for ten days. Momma posted a few pictures of her doing homework on the plane ride home. She attends public school, and she had to catch up before heading back into the classroom. We have other friends who are homeschooled that traveled to FL for a ballet competition/audition. They arranged their school schedules in such a way that they were able to travel without worrying about their academics in the moment. They were able to focus on the job at hand, because they didn’t have to answer to the system. We’ve had to take a day off to travel to an out-of-town performance. In those instances, I like to plan a field trip wherever we are going so our travel time can count toward our school day count.

Johnson Space Center Houston

Visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston after a performance

No Homework

I hear all the time about how much homework the girls have to do when they get home from dance class. Two nights a week, we are there until 8:30, and it’s 9:00 before we get home. At that point, Em needs to unwind before her brain can shut down and go to sleep. We are both so thankful that she doesn’t have to come home and do homework after a long evening of dance. She doesn’t have to cram to get her homework done before class, either.

Freedom to Be a Kid

Because Emma doesn’t have to dedicate her free time in the evenings to doing homework, she has time to just be a kid. She has time to be outside with her friends. She can do crafts and projects and learn new hobbies. She can jump on the trampoline and ride her bike. None of this means that dance comes first, in fact it is not the main reason we homeschool. Emma’s education is and always will be our priority. However, we plan to homeschool long-term to afford her as many opportunities as possible to live out her dream. While we didn’t start out homeschooling so she could pursue her dreams (she wasn’t born when we started), she has the freedom to do so with a few less burdens than her public school peers. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful homeschooling journey while working around her passion for dance.

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