Regaining Control- When it’s Time to Move On

My family and I are all very undisciplined about going to bed at normal times.  As much as I wanted to have an epic post about how I regained control in this area, I’m no closer now then when I started down this road January.  When I started this series,

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Regaining Control of Mt. St. Laundry

Well, actually, in our house, it’s more like an Appalaundry Trail of mountains to conquer: A laundry basket of dirty clothes here and a laundry basket of clean there. They’re scattered  mounds of laundry that, I’ve discovered, resembles more of a track then a trail- it just keeps going ’round

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Teaching an Expected End

The “Regaining Control” series will be back next month.  I’m still working on regaining control of a tough area of chaos for us.  The series is neither regurgitation nor about things that I conquered long ago.  No.  I’m writing from my current experience so, while I work on regaining control

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Regaining Control- The Grocery Budget

We’ve been changing our diet, something I call: The Journey to Organic.  I’m always on this journey but, since autumn, I’ve made more significant changes.  Those changes are very good for our bodies, but can be tough on our budget.  In my end of summer business, I’d moved away from some

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Regaining Control- The Family Meal

Last fall, my life went through a busy season outside the home.  I live in Maine.  The changes between the seasons here are stark so, I don’t stress too much about busy seasons of life because I know, much the way summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter

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