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Regaining Control of Mt. St. Laundry

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Well, actually, in our house, it’s more like an Appalaundry Trail of mountains to conquer: A laundry basket of dirty clothes here and a laundry basket of clean there. They’re scattered  mounds of laundry that, I’ve discovered, resembles more of a track then a trail- it just keeps going ’round and ’round.  Worse, are the foothills that have started to crop up lately!  Everywhere I look there are little piles of socks or other smaller articles of clothing accumulating together like dust balls. I’m ashamed of myself for letting it turn into this!  I must Regain Control of the laundry!

Regaining Control of Mt St Laundry

*Context: We’re a family of 5.  The youngest is the one who did me in.  I was maintaining until that little crumb snatcher came along!  I gave up the laundry to my husband for a few weeks at the end of my pregnancy/beginning of Tubby’s life, but I’ve never quite regained my groove.  Realizing that the laundry load it forever changed (at least until one of them moves out), I have to get a new grove going.  Here is how I plan to do it:

  1. Tell myself the Truth: I used to be able to get “all caught up” in a day or two, but my new reality is more of a constant cycle.  I need to let go of the expectation that I’ll be able to do a bunch of laundry on “laundry day”, and then, be home free for a few days. Nope.  The laundry needs to be a part of my daily routine.  Acceptance.
  2. Pick a catch-up Day: Pick one day to get the piled up, clean laundry folded and put away!  At the same time, run as many dirty loads as I can get through in that day.  End the day with no clean laundry to put away.  Fresh start.
  3. Create a daily Goal: Mine will be to run through a whole cycle each day- a cycle not a load.  By cycle I mean:  I cycle one load into the washer, move one load to the dryer, and fold and put away the load I removed from the dryer.  End the day with no clean laundry to put away.  Daily Routine.

Dealing with the Foothills:

  1. Tell myself the Truth: I.AM.NOT.THE.MAID.  I need to train those older ones to pick up their own belongings at the end of the day!  Responsibility.
  2. Help build the Habit: Ease my freeloaders into their new responsibilities for optimal success!  Attack the piles, separate them into smaller, individual piles. Have the individuals, then, come get their pile, and have them put the dirty clothing into their own laundry baskets.  Training.
  3. Transition from helping to Habit: The goal is for them to take care of their laundry to begin with instead of leaving it in piles.  I hope to approach this point quickly 😉  Goals.

Wish me luck as this Mountain is not for the faint of heart!

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