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3 Ways you can Make Money QUICK!

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I was driving along and I heard a sput, sput, sound. I looked down and my cars thermometer gauge was in the red. NOT a good situation. What does this mean? Money for repairs.

The kids get sick. ALL at the same time. What does this mean? Money for doctor visits and medicine.

Hubby calls, no work this weekend. What does this mean? A short paycheck.

ways to make money quick

Chances are you have been in the same situation before. Expenses come up, and you need money fast. You may have the money, you may not. You may be able to pay the money up front. But, the emergency fund needs restocked, and bills still need to be paid.

Here are some ways you can make money QUICK!

  1. Sell something. Look through your clothes, building, basement and yard sale stash. Is there anything you can sell now? Selling items on places like Craig’s list, local Facebook groups, EBay and your own Facebook page are all areas where you can make money quick. You could also have a yard sale, or head to the flea market (my hubby’s choice!).
  2. Find a quick job. As a work at home mom, when money has needed to be made quick, I have found a quick side job. This may have been a side babysitting job, or a onetime freelance gig. My husband has done the same. He has mowed lawns or completed a side home repair job.
  3. Pick up scrap. If your area has a scrap yard you may be in luck! Aluminum cans, scrap metal, things like copper and pipes are all worth money. Put the word out that you will haul off peoples “junk”. Grab some gloves and garbage bags and pick up cans. Then haul off your scrap and trade it in for cash!

When unplanned expenses come up, it may be easy to stress over being short on cash. But, with these ideas to make money quick, you don’t have to stress! Your closets, basement, attic and building may be full of ways to make cash! You can also find extra side jobs to make a quick buck.

Now, what should you do? How about pushing up the sleeves, and making plans for some hard work!

What are some ways that you have found to make money quick?


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